Bonus View Digest - December 9, 2011

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We've had another week fly by at The Bonus View featuring articles on everything from home entertainment system issues to the new films you can expect to see at the 2012 Sundance Film Festival. This week was packed full of interesting articles and reviews. Check out some of the stuff you may have missed!

Blu-ray News

Check out Josh's Blu-ray Highlights to get a recap of all the new Blu-rays that came to stores this week. We also finished our 'Tucker and Dale vs. Evil' contest. Check out the results page to see if you were a winner this time around.

Theatrical News

Luke took time out to review the new film 'Young Adult' along with 'New Year's Eve.' You can also check out Josh's review of the new silent film (yes, I said "silent film") 'The Artist' which is gaining a ton of Oscar buzz.

E put together another Trailer Park featuring trailers from 'Carnage' and 'American Reunion.'

The 2012 Sundance Film Festival is coming up quickly and Aaron has all the coverage you'll need. He's been recapping the movies that will be at the festival. Check out what movies you can expect to see in the Spotlight and U.S. Dramatic Competition sections of the festival, and be sure to stay tuned to The Bonus View in January because Luke and Aaron will be knee deep in the festival bringing you the latest news about next year's newest movies.

For the Mid-Week Poll we asked our readers which December movies they were most excited to see. Check out the results, some may surprise you.

Home Theater News

We only had one home theater article this week, but that doesn't mean it's not worth reading. Josh presented a story about HDMI Handshaking Woes and his step by step solution to fix the problem he was faced with.

TV Recaps

With so many of the shows we've been covering heading to early winter hiatuses, we only have a few recaps this week. Check out our recaps of 'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia,' 'American Horror Story,' and 'Psych.'

This week's Weekend Roundtable was also TV related. Us writers got together to talk about our favorite TV theme songs and what they meant to us.'

Well, that's it for this week. We hope you've enjoyed your time with us because we sure enjoy writing for you. Continue to follow along with The Bonus View to keep up to date with news, reviews, and our constant stream of contests.

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