How to Avoid Getting Scammed in ‘World of Warcraft’

Blizzcon is almost upon us. That means more info on the games we love, exciting new developments, beta invitations, and swag both in-game and out. It also means that more people than ever will be trying to scam you.

A web site known as SiteJabber, which focuses on web-based businesses from the consumer’s side, posted a great infographic that tells you all you need to know about getting scammed in the largest massively multiplayer game of all time.

You’ll find information on common scams and the possible consequences of them – including losing in-game money, real money, and even being banned from the game. The site also lays out the actions that have been taken to combat the scammers, but leaves a big one out. Of course, I can’t blame them for not knowing that Blizzard was about to get hardcore.

Blizzard takes cheating seriously. The company will warn players and ban accounts permanently. Now, it has even gone as far as suing hackers that are ruining the ‘StarCraft II’ experience for everyone. It’s great to see a company protecting its core audience like this.

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