Halloween Weekend Movies: Smell My Feet, Give Me Something Good to Eat

This Halloween weekend conjures up a lot more freaky movies than most years, but don’t most people have other plans on Halloween that don’t involve going to a movie theater?

The weekend’s biggest release is the creepy Jake Gyllenhaal thriller ‘Nightcrawler‘. No, Gyllenhaal doesn’t play the ‘X-Men’ character Nightcrawler here. Instead, he’s a desperate videographer who searches for late night crimes and accidents to document for paying news outlets. The more he gets into the job, the more his morals and ethics go out the window just to get an exclusive scoop on the dark things that happen while the world is sleeping. Word has it that ‘Nightcrawler’ is a crazy good time.

Believe it or not, the second-widest release is a 10th anniversary re-release of what’s been called the first torture-porn picture, ‘Saw‘. I’m tempted to go back and see the movie again just to cleanse my palette of the too-many terrible sequels that followed and remember it for what it originally was.

The third and final wide release is Rowan Joffe’s thriller ‘Before I Go to Sleep‘. Nicole Kidman plays a woman who had an accident that left her with the ’50 First Dates’ syndrome. No, I’m not talking about the terrors of waking up next to Adam Sandler for the first time every morning. Each day, her memory resets. Things supposedly get crazy when she starts to recall events from her past, things that were never supposed to resurface. Colin Firth and Mark Strong co-star.

Horror master Alexandre Aja returns to the big screen with ‘Horns‘, the creepy tale of a guy (Daniel Radcliffe) whose girlfriend is mysteriously killed. Like Ben Affleck’s character in ‘Gone Girl’, the locals all assume that he’s to blame – but that’s not the worst of it. As strange as it sounds, horns begin to grow out of his head. Liking Aja’s ‘High Tension‘ and ‘The Hills Have Eyes’, I’m curious about ‘Horns’.

Magnolia is releasing the horror sequel ‘ABCs of Death 2‘. Get ready for another compilation of gloriously disgusting depictions of death.

Whatever you do this weekend, take it easy and be sure that save enough cash to see both ‘Interstellar’ and ‘Big Hero 6’ next weekend!


  1. NJScorpio

    I kinda wish I’d seen those Paranormal Activity movies in theaters, on release weekend, to be a part of the whole audience jumping at those silly-yet-effective scares.

    As for Halloween movies this weekend, I have two options for a movie marathon.

    Having made, last night, this Invisible Man costume (http://i.imgur.com/5UiZgw0.jpg) I’m thinking I should rewatch my Universal Monsters box set. Well, rewatch is a loose term as there are three I have never seeb (Phantom, Bride & Creature).

    Other option is the Nightmare on Elm Street collection…though I’ve seen them all quite a few times (not on BD yet), and having recently watched the documentary ‘Never Sleep Again’, I feel like I just rewatched the whole franchise.

  2. C.C. 95

    The amazing this is, the original SAW (which some say inspired the torture-porn craze) was not exploitive torture-porn like the sequels. It was a straight-up thriller with horror elements, and a damn fine example of independent film creativity on a small budget. I don’t like Torture-porn, or even horror movies for that matter, and I LOVE SAW. A great flick.

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