Weekend Movies: Just Go See ‘The Avengers’ Again

After the record-smashing $207.4 domestic opening weekend for ‘The Avengers’, the only studio movie going against Marvel’s superhero juggernaut is a remake of a late-’60s/early-’70s soap opera. A few indie flicks are also opening, but we all know what’s going to be the #1 movie in America again – the movie that I’ve already gone back to see twice since the press screening. Even if ‘The Avengers’ slips 60% in attendance, it’s still going to make another $83 million this weekend.

With each trailer and television spot, I can’t help but wonder whom ‘Dark Shadows‘ is marketed to. With so much sexuality, innuendo and vampire blood-sucking, it’s not made for families or kids. As a ‘Beetlejuice’-esque comedy, it’s not trying to please fans of the dramatic soap opera that it’s loosely based upon. Coming from Tim Burton, it’s no surprise that I find myself calling a “weird little movie,” but it doesn’t seem to know what audience it’s made for. I’ve seen it and even I can’t tell you.

Eva Mendes stars in the new little dramedy ‘Girl in Progress‘, in which she plays a single mom who’s already in over her head with her own drama when her teenage daughter decides that she wants to live the life of an adult already. Sounds dreadful.

Bobcat Goldthwait’s new comedy ‘God Bless America‘ is opening on 12 screens. In this dark comedy, a terminally ill man decides to blow away as many repulsive people as he can before he dies. By his side is a 16-year-old girl who shares his same rash opinions. It sounds like a mix of ‘Leon: The Professional‘, ‘Super‘ and ‘Falling Down‘ – all movies that I like. I’m interested.

Finally, the movie that I’m most interested in is one that I hadn’t heard of until I saw its trailer on a recent Blu-ray – ‘Tonight You’re Mine‘. In this musical romantic comedy, two rival musicians cause a scene and are handcuffed together for the duration of a festival that they’re both supposed to be performing at.


  1. Jason

    “God Bless America” seems too much like “Super” “Kick-Ass” and “Natural Born Killers” for me to be all that interested in it. I’ll probably wait for it to hit Blu-ray unless my friends convince me otherwise. I saw Avengers twice last week and will probably see it again. I’m also looking forward to seeing Dark Shadows.

  2. Well Avengers took $29 million on Friday again, Dark Shadows opened to $9.5, not terrible up against something so huge, but I cant believe Dark Shadows cost $125 million to make, I figured Burton of all people would be able to get that cut down pretty far, but thats expensive for this kind of film, IMO

  3. JM

    ‘Dark Shadows’s audience was 57% female, 73% over the age of 25. They awarded it a cinemascore of B-, which pretty much = F+.

    If Johnny Depp keeps up this decline, his fan base is going to shrink to the size of a grape-nut.

      • JM

        ‘What’s Eating Gilbert Grape-Nut?’

        Is a remake from the point-of-view of his cereal.

        Stop motion animation.

        With Johnny Depp providing the internal monologue of the grape-nut.

        Who is doing a recitation of ‘Krapp’s Last Tape.’

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