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Weekend Movies: High on Life

If you thought Amy Schumer’s shtick was limited to crude R-rated comedy, her latest landed a tame(r) PG-13. The Broken Lizard troupe is also back with a sequel to their most popular property.

Do you remember ‘Shallow Hal’, the movie that tested Jack Black’s star power? ‘I Feel Pretty‘ has a similar premise, but instead of preaching acceptance of people for who they are, it turns the moral inward. Schumer stars as her curvy self, only with no self-esteem. After bonking her head at the gym, she’s left with a brain trauma that allows her to see her reflection as an extremely fit young lady. Unaware that her body type hasn’t changed, this unrealistic self image reverses her self-esteem, boosting her confidence and giving her everything she ever lacked. Although it sounds predictable, word has it that ‘I Feel Pretty’ is quite entertaining.

Since breaking out with the original ‘Super Troopers’, the Broken Lizard crew haven’t been able to replicate the cult success or comedic genius of the cop comedy that landed them on the map (although I have soft spot for ‘Club Dread’). 17 years later, the squad is back with a crowd-sourced sequel that’s easily the best thing they’ve offered since giving us the line “I don’t want a large Farva.”

In ‘Super Troopers 2‘, when it’s discovered that a small Canadian border town is actually a U.S. property, the gang is reunited to patrol the new territory while the transition takes place. The end product is a hilarious, over-the-top reunion that’s loaded with Canadian jokes and the same type of shenanigans as the original. I feared it would simply attempt to duplicate all the same gags from the last movie (like ‘Anchorman 2’), but it’s a much better sequel than that.

In Lionsgate’s new thriller ‘Traffik‘, a pair of couples head to a secluded rental property in the mountains to celebrate a recent success. En route, they have a ‘Hills Have Eyes’ run-in with a biker gang that comes back to haunt them during their long weekend. The trailer makes ‘Traffik’ look like a generic 1990s thriller, which might not be a bad thing. Paula Patton and Omar Epps star, with William Fichtner, Missi Pyle, Dawn Olivieri and Roselyn Sanchez in co-starring roles.

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