Weekend Movies: Rude, ‘Crood’ and Socially Unacceptable

The season of so-called summer blockbusters gets earlier and earlier with each year. Between now and May, almost every weekend contains at least one over-priced flick that we wouldn’t typically see until summer.

FilmDistrict’s first big budget movie, ‘Olympus Has Fallen‘, raids cinemas this weekend. Its premise is nearly identical to Roland Emmerich’s upcoming June release, ‘White House Down’ with Jamie Foxx and Channing Tatum. The White House has been invaded and the President must be saved! Gerard Butler has to single-handedly rescue the Commander in Chief (Aaron Eckhart) from North Korean militants. The assumed difference between Antoine Fuqua’s White House raid and Emmerich’s impending one is that ‘Olympus’ capitalizes on a single heroic character while ‘White House Down’ is probably chock full of too many characters. As if it was intentionally made this way, ‘Olympus Has Fallen’ is also quiptastic and so bad that it just might be good.

The widest release this weekend is DreamWorks Animation’s caveman flick ‘The Croods‘. Although its story seems barely fit for the Stone Age, the recent drought of kid-friendly releases is certain to bring out families in herds. From the writer and director of ‘How to Train Your Dragon‘, you might expect greatness, but beware. Prior to a technical glitch, I screened the first 25 minutes of the movie and didn’t see anything that made me want to go back to see it through.

The third biggest release of the weekend is Focus Features’ comedy ‘Admission‘. I’m quite the Paul Rudd fan, but have yet to find a desire to see this film. Both Tina Fey and director Paul Weitz are hit-and-miss (more “miss” than “hit” recently), and the word-of-mouth is that the movie is both generic and clichéd. A comedy whose ads fail to make you laugh isn’t very promising.

Another comedy that I’d rather never see comes to us as the directorial debut of Mr. ShamWow, Vince Offer. (No, I’m not shitting you.) He somehow managed to lock in Adrien Brody, an Academy Award winner who obviously had nothing better to do. ‘InAPPropriate Comedy‘ also stars Lindsay Lohan, Michelle Rodriguez and Rob Schneider, none of whom are surprising to see in such a title. I never thought I’d say it, but I’d rather watch ‘Movie 43’.

The comedy that I am interested in is the French-Canadian film ‘Starbuck‘. A former sperm donor finds himself in the hot seat when 142 of the 533 people who were brought to life by his sperm form a class action lawsuit against him. ‘Starbuck’ opens in limited release, and an English-language version is in the works with Vince Vaughn, Cobie Smulders and Chris Pratt.

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  1. William Henley

    One of my friend’s father is a pretty major supporting character in Olympus Has Fallen, and helped with the screenplay, so I need to go see it for that reason alone

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