Weekend Movies: Seven More Days Until ‘Dark Knight’

This weekend is the only thing standing between us and ‘The Dark Knight Rises’. Let’s just get it over with.

The only wide release opening this weekend is ‘Ice Age: Continental Drift‘. Having depleted the ‘Ice Age‘ story possibilities in the first three movies (actually, the story was depleted within the first two – what the hell was going on with ‘Dawn of the Dinosaurs‘ anyway?!), ‘Continental Drift’ takes the franchise characters into a new genre. What’s the last genre you’d expect a mammoth, a saber-toothed tiger and a sloth to appear in? If you guessed pirates, you’re right.

Pangaea is breaking apart and our three heroes have been separated from their families and/or friends. How so? Well, their glacier falls apart and they get sent into the open seas on an iceberg, all while their loved ones are trapped on land with a rock wall pushing them towards the ocean. Huh? If you’re thinking that doesn’t make sense, then you’re right. But it also doesn’t make sense how four of these movies got made in the first place. Check out my review here.

Until checking out this weekend’s limited indie releases, I’d never heard of Greek film ‘Alps‘, which comes from the director of the deranged ‘Dogtooth‘. Now I’m anticipating the day it opens in my region. Check out the IMDb synopsis and tell me that you’re not interested in this drama: “A group of people start a business where they impersonate the recently deceased in order to help their clients through the grieving process.”

Another foreign flick that I have interest in is the Swedish crime drama ‘Easy Money‘. Although this title is already a couple years old, the Weinstein Company has picked it up for domestic distribution and is just now releasing it. In this movie, a drug-runner is hunted by both the police and the mob that he has let down.

Sundance 2012 title ‘Red Lights‘ opens on a pair of screens, but after the word-of-mouth about this paranormal thriller, I don’t expect much. From the director of ‘Buried’, the film stars Cillian Murphy, Sigourney Weaver, Robert De Niro and Elizabeth Olsen. According to Aaron, it completely falls apart in the end.


  1. EM

    The only exciting release news I came across this week is that Beyond the Black Rainbow has a play date scheduled for around here. Unfortunately, it’s not until October, but I can wait. This weekend, the only movies I will be seeing will be in my living room.

  2. Seeking a Friend for the End of the World is out here now, so I’ve not long been back after seeing that. I have to say, superb film! I even found Keira Knightley enjoyable!!! (Which is very very rare… in fact I can’t ever remember liking her in any other film). Can’t recommend it enough.

    I think TDKR might be a ‘wait till it comes on TV’ for me, not even a rental.

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