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Weekend Movies: Lucky Harms

Some actors and filmmakers who star in or make excellent films are also capable of churning out absolute garbage. With them, you never know what you’re getting. This weekend just so happens to feature two new movies, each of which either stars or was made by someone who fits into that category. No matter which you choose to see this weekend, you’re rolling the dice.

The wider of the two nationwide releases is an action-comedy whose marketing campaign is far more creative, comedic and entertaining than the movie itself. Ryan Reynolds and Samuel L. Jackson star in the bloated and convoluted ‘The Hitman’s Bodyguard‘. Reynolds plays a professional bodyguard who has lost his credibility, but is called back into the big leagues when the world’s best assassin (Jackson) is the targeted key witness in a major genocide case. Filled with F-bombs, headshots and blood spatter galore, their buddy-movie adventure sounds like it would be excellent, but – although it’s peppered with some well-earned laughs – is actually lacking. Lionsgate’s Summit division has oddly cranked out a movie that looks, sounds and feels just like their awful ‘Red’ movies. Although the studio is the lowest common denominator, the two groan-inducing movies have absolutely no connection. Enter at your own risk.

The second wide release belongs to Steven Soderbergh and holds even more potential and promise – but who knows if we’re getting something on par with ‘Ocean’s Eleven’ or a dud like ‘The Informant!’. The comedic caper ‘Logan Lucky‘ tells the “true” story of two simple-minded brothers who attempt a grand heist during a NASCAR race. Adam Driver and Channing Tatum lead the ensemble cast, which includes Riley Keough, Katie Holmes, Seth MacFarlane, Katherine Waterston, Dwight Yoakam, Sebastian Stan, Hilary Swank and introduces us to a rumored up-and-comer Daniel Craig.

In limited release, Fox Searchlight is unveiling its buzzed-about Sundance acquisition ‘Patti Cake$‘. The documentary follows the aspiring rapper as she tries to overcome her social circumstances and make it big. Although only rolling out to 14 screens this week, it’s expected to expand its platform release sooner than later.


  1. So, “The Hitman’s Bodyguard” is just as awful as the “RED” movies? I don’t think there’s anything anyone could have said that would have made me want to see the movie more.

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