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‘Super Troopers 2’ Review: Criminally Unfunny

'Super Troopers 2'

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I broke a couple of my rules when I screened ‘Super Troopers 2’. Normally for a sequel, I’d hunt down the original so that I wouldn’t miss any of the callbacks or subtlety of character development. Instead, I figured with this one that the best tack would be one of surprise, just to see what would plop on my lap as the narrative unfolded.

I quickly learned that this is a cop story, of sorts, apparently about a motley crew of bumbling bros stationed in the state of Vermont. We meet them as members of a band riding a smoke-filled bus, when Damon Wayans, Jr. and Seann William Scott pull them over for a traffic infraction. As someone who unabashedly adores ‘Goon’, I was pleased to see Seann there, extra “n” and all, and figured this would bode well.

Unfortunately, following a mildly homophobic bit of nonsense, we learn that was all a dream sequence, and instead we’re left to hang out with the Broken Lizard comedy troupe as they toy with comedy cop flick tropes.

My mind wandered as the storyline about a border extension involving Canada and the U.S. unfolded. As someone old enough to have fully embraced ‘Police Academy’ during its theatrical run, would the pre-adolescent in me find fun in the ribald rambunctiousness? Would I get a kick out of seeing Brain Cox cocking it up, or find that Lynda Carter showing up scratches an itch I couldn’t fully explain to my young self? Could metrical jokes about decalitres and Celsian temperatures make me think this a heady ‘Strange Brew’?

Impossible to say whether 10-year-old me would have adored the nonsense of it all as I liked some pretty shitty films back then. The sparse public audience that screened the movie along with me this afternoon did seemingly find more to it than I did – several of them chuckling at a penis being punched, a bear being bearish, or Rob Lowe saying “out” and “about” in that oh-so-droll Canadian way.

I wondered how an American audience would respond to the half-assed stereotypes at play, many having even less of a clue of the goings on to their north than the characters shown on screen. Up here, on the other hand, there’s a longstanding tradition, more than a bit masochistic, of liking our cousins in the south to make fun of us. At least it’s a form of attention.

I found out later that director Jay Chandrasekhar and his fellow Lizards used crowd-funding ($4m+ in “real” dollars) to help make the film. I hope that fans find the investment to their satisfaction. Personally, despite getting in for free, I’m not sure the price was worth it.

I admit a chuckle or two at some of the silliness, but other than that I received none of the pleasant surprises I had hoped for going in clean, hoping against hope that somehow I’d discover some hidden comedic gem, an acerbic and cerebral take on cross-border shenanigans. Rather than the ‘Super Troopers’ we want, we get one I guess we deserve – a half-assed attempt at social commentary wrapped up in a farce, complete with sitcom-level jokes and sketch comedy pratfalls. With their latest endeavor at high-concept stupidity, the Broken Lizards have laid an egg.


  1. Well I will admit that knowing if you like the original or perhaps Beerfest might help some of us decide if it’s for us or not. This movie is to be expected to be zany, light on plot, and sophmoric jokes. I guess I’ll have to find a review with at bit more comparison to the original.

  2. Dan

    I rather enjoyed ST2. I loved the first and Beerfest, I knew exactly what I was going in for and it did not disappoint me.

  3. Desdecardo

    You really need to watch the first to get the group. There’s also Beer fest, Club Dread and Slammin Salmon. You have to know a little about Broken Lizzard before jumping into a movie. Any review by anyone who hasn’t seen anything by them really isn’t a review. Let alone a good review.

    It’s sort of like going to see Vegas Vacation without seeing any of the previous Vacation movies. Or only watching Phantom Menace and judging the entire Star Wars series on it.

    There was also nothing homophobic about the beginning. May need to get your priorities checked out.

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