Videogame Releases: Week of September 19th, 2010

‘Halo: Reach’ is still occupying the hearts and minds of Xbox 360 owners, and the PS3 is finally getting the firmware to make the console a 3-D Blu-ray player. It’s only fair that PC gamers get a treat too. Sid Meier clearly agrees.

Sid Meier’s Civilization V (PC)

It’s strange just how much of a grip the ‘Civilization’ series has on PC gamers. Console gamers got a taste thanks to the less than perfect but definitely enjoyable ‘Civilization Revolution,’ but the ‘Civ’ series has always been one for the folks sitting at their desks.

‘Civilization V’ brings some huge changes to the franchise, including a hex based map and a significantly streamlined combat system. If you’ve never played a ‘Civilization’ game before, you can check out the demo on the ‘Civilization 5’ web site.

Etrian Odyssey III: The Drowned City (DS)

The ‘Etrian Odyssey’ series is a strange one. It’s not the story or the characters, but the game itself that’s so bizarre. Like a holdover from days gone by, ‘Etrian Odyssey III’ is a first person roleplaying game in the style of ‘Wizardry’ or the early ‘Dungeons & Dragons’ games.

You have to be a certain type of person to get into a game like this. Those that are will find a lot to love. The third game in the series adds all new character classes, including Shinobi, Monk and Pirate.

DeathSpank: Thongs of Virtue (360, PS3)

How soon is too soon for a sequel? ‘DeathSpank’ was released back in July and there’s already a new game hitting the XBLA and PSN. It’s called ‘DeathSpank: Thongs of Virtue’ and it introduces a lot to the existing world.

The original and the sequel were developed simultaneously, which means there haven’t been any tweaks to the gameplay based on reviews and feedback. If you liked ‘DeathSpank,’ you’ll get more adventuring, more puzzles and a 50% longer campaign.

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