Videogame Releases: Week of October 23rd, 2011

You can almost feel the anticipation in the air as millions of gamers wait for the moment they can start destroying their friends in one of this year’s biggest shooters. There are other games too, but they’re not named ‘Battlefield 3’, so it’s hard to get too excited.

Battlefield 3 (360, PC, PS3)

Al right, mainstream media, here’s the thing: It’s not that the only kind of games we like are shooters; it’s just that shooters are the best games out there. We get to compete head-to-head with our friends in a game that’s simple to pick up but hard to excel at. If ‘Viva Pinata’ or ‘Spore’ had a badass multiplayer mode, you can bet we’d be on top of it.

‘Battlefield 3’ is one of this year’s big shooters, and it brings a lot to the table. You get those big ‘Battlefield’ battles that you know and love, plus the inclusion of fighter jets and (if you’re playing on the PC) 64-player battles. Of course, ‘Modern Warfare 3’ is just around the corner, so it should be interesting to see how sales go for ‘Battlefield’.

Heavy Fire: Afghanistan – The Chosen Few (360, PC, PS3, Wii)

Whether you’re absolutely desperate to get some more use out of your Wii or your Move, or you’re just trying to passive-aggressively let your PS3, Xbox 360 or PC gamer child know that you hate him or her, ‘Heavy Fire: Afghanistan’ is the game for you. It’s an on-rails shooter, which is the worst thing ever unless you’re a few beers in at Dave & Buster’s. Or unless you’re a Wii person. Then you’re excused, because you don’t really have a lot of other options available.

The Cursed Crusade (360, PS3)

Honestly, I have no idea here. I usually follow Atlus releases pretty closely, but this guy somehow got away from me. It’s a third-party action game that takes place during the Crusades and adds in some cool supernatural stuff. It looks fun – not amazing or anything, but it seems to have the usual hacky-slashy kind of stuff. You know, killing things and whatnot.

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