Videogame Releases: Week of November 28th, 2010

The ultra-exciting fall videogame release season is coming to a close after a few months of more great games than you could possibly have time to play. A few different games come out this week, but there’s really only one worth talking about. If the amazing ‘Game Informer’ cover art in the banner didn’t give it away, I’m talking about ‘Epic Mickey.’

Epic Mickey (Wii)

Back in June of 2000, a man named Warren Spector helped to create one of the most innovative games ever made. ‘Deus Ex’ is one of the best PC games of all time, and blends traditional FPS elements with RPG elements like no game before it. Spector’s newest game is completely different, but clearly maintains the Spector style.

‘Epic Mickey’ is one of the most anticipated Wii games of the year. Not only is it one of the first big-budget third party games for the system that actually looks good, but it’s the first non-Nintendo game to make 360 and PS3 owners jealous.

When playing through ‘Epic Mickey’, you’ll travel through the world and see familiar characters, settings and even areas from the theme park like the Tiki Room. I’m feeling nostalgic just talking about it.

The review copy of ‘Epic Mickey’ came in last night, so we’ll be getting a review of the game up soon.

Nail’d (360, PC, PS3)

Avoiding games, movies and anything else with a misspelled word as an attempt at coolness is a rule of thumb I try and live my life by. Replacing an “s” with a “z'”doesn’t make a product any more extreme, it just makes it more obvious that I’m being pandered to. ‘Nail’d’ is a game that exists. It’s an offroad racer and according to the PR, “A compelling soundtrack by well-known bands helps to urge you on to do your very best.”

Look, just go play ‘Fable’ or ‘Fallout’ or ‘Call of Duty’ or one of the other giant games that came out in the last month or two.


    • Dick Ward

      Disney was surprisingly helpful in getting that out to me – larger companies aren’t usually as good about it as the more niche ones like Atlus.

      Haven’t had too much time to dive into it yet, but I’m putting aside plenty of time tonight. I can’t wait to get started!

    • Dick Ward

      The game’s good but boy is the music letting me down! I feel like there are a lot of missed opportunities there.

      There are glimpses of great music in there, but so far just not enough.

  1. Disney games have tradtionally failed me as far as music goes. Not saying I have played every Disney game, but can’t think of a single one that I played that had really good music. Kingdom Hearts doesn’t count in my books, as that is really more of a Square game than a DisneySoft game.

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