Videogame Releases: Week of May 6th, 2012

This week in May sees the release of at least one for-sure groovy videogame, possibly two. That’s a welcome change from last month, and there’s even more potential fun next week. Is the drought over? Only time will tell. In the meantime, consider these gems.

Minecraft: XBOX 360 Edition

Everyone’s favorite creative sandbox block-building game comes to the Xbox, via XBLA. With Android and iOS versions already available, it seems only natural that the game would make its way onto consoles as well. It looks like the Xbox 360 Edition offers four-player co-op split screen, and up to eight-player co-op online. (I’m very excited about that prospect!) It also has Kinect functionality, so get ready to wave your arms in the air and build like you just don’t care! This one will cost you 1600 MS points.

Starhawk (PS3)

Now let’s look at something really exciting. Next to the ‘Uncharted’ series, ‘Warhawk’ was my second favorite PlayStation exclusive, thanks to its massive maps and best-in-class graphics, sound and engine. So, when I got a chance to check out the ‘Starhawk‘ beta, I jumped at it. For the most part, the game seems to improve in most areas, but with Build N Battle and flying MECHS (!!!), any of the minor nitpicks I had were negated. Even though it seems a true departure from the first game, I’m seriously looking forward to the single player version. And who doesn’t dig 32-player battles? Grab this one at retail for $59.99.


  1. I think I am the only person in the world who just doesn’t get Minecraft. My friends are crazy about it. Maybe that is why they don’t invite me around anymore – they play hours on Minecraft, and I am bored to tears by it.

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