Videogame Releases: Week of March 6th, 2011

Jocks are always picking on those poor ‘D&D’ loving nerds, even when it comes to videogame releases. This week, we get one game with wizards and dragons and two about baseball. Does that seem right to you?

Dragon Age 2 (360, Mac, PC, PS3)

‘Dragon Age’ was a very cool game, fraught with possibility. It featured unique starting stories for each class and a conversation system based on what was learned from ‘Mass Effect’. It found an audience, but its slow combat and limited character models were a turn-off for many.

Things have changed a lot since the last installment of ‘Dragon Age’. Combat is fast and furious now. Character designs are improved, and class skills branch better. You lose a few choices – like the race of your main character – but this results in a more streamlined experience.

MLB 11: The Show (PS2, PS3, PSP)

Do you like baseball? How about more baseball? Well, if you do, then you’ll want to check out baseball videogames. They’re the hottest new way to enjoy baseball without even leaving the house!

Major League Baseball 2K11(360, DS, PC, PS2, PS3, PSP, Wii)

On a serious note, I don’t really have much insight when it comes to baseball games. Basketball, sure, and I can talk semi-intelligently about football games. Baseball has never appealed to me in videogame form, though.

The ‘2K’ franchise has always been good to me, so if I were to choose between this week’s two games, I’d pick up ‘2K11’. However, if you really want to use your Move peripheral, ‘The Show’ is a PlayStation exclusive that gives you the option.


  1. Alex

    Hey, I know that Bioware RPGs have all followed roughly the same formula since “Knights of the Old Republic”, but damned if I don’t love swigging that kool-aid every time a new one comes out!!!

  2. i can’t stand the modern baseball games. i LOVED that shit in the old NES, SNES, and 64 days, even the early PSP ones. just too ridiculous now.

    give me Ken Griffey Jr Presents Major League Baseball any day. that shit was fucking awesome, even if the AI was a bit dumb on fielding.

  3. TJ Kats

    Will pick up DA 2 at some point once we are done with our move at the end of the month. I love the first game.

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