Titanfall & Dark Souls 2

Videogame Releases: Week of March 9th, 2014

The biggest videogame of the year thus far touches down this week, as does the sequel to one of the greatest games of all time. So yeah, this is a great time to be a gamer.

Titanfall (Xbox One, PC)

Titanfall‘ hits the Xbox One and PC this week. Though some of the hype about the game’s visuals may have abated since E3, the gameplay is well-worth the price of admission. It’s a shooter with wall-running, double-jump, pilotable mechs, and a mess of bots. What’s not to love?

The Xbox 360 version is set for the end of March.

Dark Souls II (360, PS3)

By the time you read this, I will be immersed in ‘Dark Souls II‘, and for all intents and purposes, dead to the world. When I played the game’s beta, it seemed clear that the legacy of ‘Demon’s Souls’ and the first ‘Dark Souls‘ is well in hand. In case you haven’t heard, these games are very challenging. I recommend everyone either play or watch someone else play a few hours of this tense and rewarding series.

The PC version is set for the end of April.

Yoshi’s New Island (3DS)

Baby Mario is back. This time around, Yoshi will have to haul the baby plumber around on the 3DS in ‘Yoshi’s New Island‘. Enemies abound, but fortunately Yoshi can produce eggs at will to fling at enemies, a process too fun to over-analyze.

Strike Suit Zero: Director’s Cut (PS4)

Born Ready Games’ ‘Strike Suit Zero’ has been an indie hit on the PC, bringing together elements of various space combat games into one fun package. ‘Strike Suit Zero: Director’s Cut‘ combines a high-res pass, DLC packs and some important tweaks to the gameplay and story into one package for the PS4. An Xbox One version should also be coming soon, followed by a future PC version.


  1. William Henley

    Dark Souls looks interesting. I had never played the original, but the gameplay video of 2 makes me assume its a first-person over-the-shoulder RPG. Looks like that is exactly my kind of game.

    I did end up picking up a console this past weekend. There is part of me that is kind of kicking myself – I decided on an Xbox 360 at this time, because a refurbished 360 is significantly cheaper than a refurbished PS3. Or so I thought. It was a white XBox, no wireless, no storage, and no charging cable for the controller. Once I bought everything I needed to get the system up and running, I spent the same amount of money (if not a bit more) on the XBox than I would have spent on a PS3.

    On the plus side, I REALLY like the new interface, love that I can purchase games on the PC and send them to my Xbox, and love the one account between Windows 8 and my XBox.

    First games I picked up on disc were Fable Anniversary Edition, Fable 2 and Fable 3, and Tales of Vesparia, and then I downloaded Eternal Sonotra, Lego Harry Potter and Beautiful Katamari.

    I do have Stick of Truth now for the PC, but haven’t installed it yet. I was quite busy last weekend, but plan to get some serious gaming in this week. If nothing else, I will play a few levels of Katamari. 🙂

    Is the first Dark Souls game available as a Game on Demand? Of course, xbox.com is blocked at work, so I can’t look it up. Are there Demos available for Dark Souls?

    • Wow, ouch on the 360; that hard drive price will get you every time. And then the wireless- I still use the original Xbox’s wireless adapter (it’s a rebranded D-Link) for my 360… which means supporting one WEP device.

      You’ve got some hard options for ‘Dark Souls.’ There’s no demo that I know of on any platform. The Games on Demand version is $20 and doesn’t include the DLC. The PC version does (it was released as one package), but the PC version uses Microsoft’s defunct Games for Windows Live, which makes activation a crapshoot. I’d look around for a used disc if you’re that hesitant though the release of the sequel has driven the price up. You could pick up a used copy, try it out and then sell it if you hated it.

      I do love my Katamari, and now the music is stuck in my head,

      • William Henley

        Am having an issue with the 360 that I never had with the one I lost in my fire – overheating. Found some howtos online, so I am going to look at taking it apart and checking heat sink and adding a fan to my entertainment center. As its refurbished, there is no warrenty. 🙁

        I am usually not big on the DLC on games. The exception was Beautiful Katamari, which I think I had bought a couple of additional levels for, I am thinking the only other game I had DLC for was HalfLife 2, and I bought the Orange Box of that.

  2. Received a Dark Souls II review copy for Xbox360, but haven’t tried it yet. Don’t know if it’s my kind of game (I have never played a proper RPG), but your glowing words make it sound awfully attractive.

    • Of course I say try it, but it’s hardly representative of RPGs. I was playing yesterday while a friend of mine was watching. There was a room with an open door just around the corner. I was cautious. As I peered around I could tell there was a big trap in place. Several huge ballistas and enemies. I peeked quickly, causing the ballistas to go off (a loud, scary sound for the home theater) and for the enemies to come out of hiding. Though I avoided the trap. I still had to careful fight the enemies one at a time, drawing each out in its turn. After that I was able to enter the room, which had a basement. The basement had one enemy. I had to descend the ladder while it was distracted (this particular enemy can’t climb ladders) and then fight it out.

      What was left was a locked door and a chest. I approached the chest, stabbing at it with my dagger lest it be a creature only disguised as a chest. It did not react to the slashing. There was a note left by another player on the floor warning of the chest, but it seemed safe after striking it. (Other players often leave false notes.) I opened the chest and a crossbow emerged and fired in eight directions three times, killing my stunned and stupid self.

      Then next time I made it in that room, I let the chest be. I now am even more careful with all chests. Demonstrated learning… Dark Souls.

  3. Titanfall (PC) just might be in my very near purchase history. And THANK YOU for offering it on disc so I do not have to wait to get it from the UK !
    What’s the deal though with the overpriced collector’s edition? Was this a direct from the studio option?

    Then on the opposite end of things – Dark Souls 2 PC version – Download only, Fuck Off

    • There’s some history there The Demon’s Souls CE, which basically was a different box and crummy fading mini strategy guide, was a hot and rare item. The Dark Souls CE was a (frankly) hideous tin and slipcover, which Namco completely undelivered on. (Also a hot, if much less rare item.) Both were $60 first run versions (like the current Black Armor one). That makes this new $120 console CE (includes statue, map, artbook and Black Armor) version very collectible. The PC CE is still up for order for $109.99, I say order if you want it ASAP.


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