Videogame Releases: Week of December 25th, 2011

One PSN/XBLA title comes out this week and that’s it. The videogame looks a bit like ‘Zombies Ate My Neighbors’, which is cool, but I haven’t been impressed with what I’ve seen from ‘All Zombies Must Die‘. Aside from that, there isn’t much happening. So what the hell, let’s just talk about what we got for Christmas.

Here’s what I picked up:

Orcs Must Die! (PC, XBLA)

I nabbed this one in the Steam sale and I’m really loving it. It’s a take on the tower defense genre that puts you at the heart of the action, but with a bit of ‘Dungeon Keeper’ thrown in for good measure. There’s a lot of fun to be had here and a few laughs too, even if most of the jokes are cheesy one-liners. You can download a demo for both systems and I highly recommend doing so.

Defense of the Ancients 2 (PC)

Technically, I was accepted to the ‘DotA 2’ beta in early December, but it still feels like a Christmas present from Valve. I didn’t have much of a chance to play it until the holiday break. Now that I have, I’m feeling really overwhelmed. It’s different from ‘League of Legends’, and it lacks a tutorial mode or the sort of limited character beginning that made ‘LoL’ so easy to pick up. Still, I’m enjoying the tweaks to the game style, and I’m eager to actually get decent at it. I believe you can still sign up for the beta on Steam.

Rosewill RK-9000BR with Cherry MX Brown Switch

I write for a living and I play games for fun. These are two facts that have existed for two and a half years, but I’m still typing and playing on a Logitech G15 keyboard. It’s gigantic and it has countless useless features. The backlighting is nice, but otherwise it’s a pretty crap keyboard.

I’m upgrading to the very sexy RK-9000BR, a mechanical keyboard that will almost certainly satisfy my needs. The backspace button says “Backspace” and not “Back Space” or “BackSpace” like some do. It has my preferred “Enter” key graphic, a number pad, and a really subtle red accent under the keys. Yeah, I’m a little obsessive.

Most importantly, it has Cherry MX Brown switches, which give that nice mechanical clicking noise and tactile response when you press them. It’s a nice middle-ground switch for typing and gaming, and I’m crazy excited to use it.

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