Videogame Releases: Week of April 22nd, 2012

I thought that perhaps April might be easy on gamers’ wallets, and so far I’ve been right. Of the titles worth mentioning this week, two are sequels to videogames I haven’t played. Or, two open world games that aren’t quite compelling enough to open my wallet. I tried the demo of one, but the other is a PC game of which I am hard pressed to explore, what with the plethora of Xbox and PS3 titles coming out.

Prototype 2 (XBOX, PS3, PC)

I felt that the demo for the first ‘Prototype’ was decidedly lacking. I enjoy an open world game, but this one just didn’t grab me. Was it the wonky character movement? The story? It’s hard to put your finger on it from a demo. It reminded me a lot of ‘Infamous’, another game that had a lot of potential, but that I just couldn’t get into.

Regardless, ‘Prototype 2‘ comes out today. The game’s plot apparently involves a new shapeshifter who blames the protagonist from the last game for killing his family. On his way for revenge, he uses his powers to fight off those folks infected with a nasty virus who only want to kill non-infected folks. So, not quite ZOMBIES, but close enough. Admittedly, the trailer looks rather badass, and with 3 million+ views on YouTube, someone must be interested in this game.

A quick side note: I wholeheartedly approve of the marketing tactic of spinning off a comic book series, and ‘Prototype’ 1 and 2 are certainly playing ball. You can grab the standard version for $59.99, or the “Blackwatch Collector’s Edition“for $79.99. With the more expensive edition, you get a “Colossal Mayhem” downloadable pack voucher code, an art book, the Dark Horse comic (funny to note that DC did the first game’s comic), soundtrack CD and a coupon for 20% ‘Prototype’ merch.

Risen 2: Dark Waters (PC)

The PC edition of ‘Risen 2’ is scheduled for release this week, followed by console releases towards the end of May. You may recognize this game’s publisher, Deep Silver, as the company that had a big hit with ‘Dead Island’. Reading up on the ‘Risen’ series, it sounds like it’s a semi-open world where you don’t pick your character class, just head out and fight monsters/go on quests, earn XP and then learn skills. With all the fancy customizable games these days, does this one hold any water? Was the first one enough of a success to warrant a second? When it’s released, you can download it from Amazon for $44.99.

The Walking Dead (XBLA/PSN/PC/MAC)

I haven’t quite been able to glean exactly what this game consists of, other than that five episodes will be sold separately, and that the game is more focused on character, while shooting zombies isn’t integral. If you ask me, I don’t want to play a zombie game where shooting zombies isn’t an integral part. ‘Dead Island’ was mostly tiresome because pretty much all you got to do (besides enduring crappy graphics and lame voice acting) was pummel zombies with oars and broomsticks. We’ll see this week what the ‘Walking Dead’ game turns out to be.


  1. Brian H

    The Walking Dead is adventure game from Telltale games. The gameplay derives from the countless pc point and click games from the 1990’s. The Dig, Grim Fandango, Blade Runner, Space Quest, the Secret of Monkey Island- to name a few. Telltale gas been producing Sam and Max adventure games for years, and more recently they produced Back to the Future among others.

    Notable for the Walking Dead episidos are several real time aspects- dialogue choices timeout- zombies are fought off using quicktime events, etc. These realtime aspects allow the game to branch and for your secessions to be featured in other episodes. In some ways, it feels like a budget version of Heavy Rain. The art style imitates the comics- especially in palette and the use of thick outlines.

    At any rate, there is a demo on PSN which should enlighten the less informed.

    • Wayne

      Yeah, checked out the demo last night. Played just like a crappy PC point and click game from the 90s. Unless that’s your thing, I’d avoid.

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