‘The Killing’ 2.05 Recap: “What Did Rosie Find Out?”

Just when we thought we were getting somewhere on ‘The Killing’, we get another red herring. Well, half a red herring actually, but still…

Alexi isn’t the killer. Let’s just get that right out there. The killer is still out there, wandering rain-drenched Seattle – much like Mitch, who spent her time in this episode helping out a runaway teen with as much enthusiasm as a kid who comes home to his parents with a mangy stray dog and begs, “Please, can I keep him? PLEASE!” What is up with that lady, anyhow? She’s quickly boarding the train to crazy-ville. (Side note: Did anyone else throw up a little when the teenage girl casually said, “What do you have a guy back in your hotel room? If so, that’s cool. I just need to eat first”?)

It’s Day 18 with Linden and Holder still holding down the fort. Linden now has to battle mountains of red tape. That’s going to become a nuisance for both them and me. I hate when characters say lines like, “We’re playing this one by the book!” Do police officers ever say that?

Alexi finally gets picked up by Holder and Linden, but not before Linden has a run-in with her ex-husband. Eh, I don’t know what to make of that story or if I even care. I understand that the situation is supposed to humanize Linden and make her seem like she has an insight into the Larsens’ lives, but all it does is detract from the investigation. The only way it could eventually work out as worthwhile screen time is if Jack’s life is threatened by whoever killed Rosie, once Linden gets close to finding the killer.

Stan almost gets hot and heavy with Teri, but it seems like the “big shot” that Teri has been waiting for is somehow involved with Rosie’s murder. Why else would the episode bother to show Teri getting into a black Lincoln town car with tinted windows at the end? It’s the same exact kind of town car that Alexi said he saw when Rosie was frightened on the ferry.

We find out for sure that Adams framed Richmond, but it’s almost an afterthought. We already knew that the sleazeball mayor was behind that. This doesn’t really help Richmond, who finds himself dealing with uncontrollable urination and a self-defeating attitude. Yet he’s vowed to get back into the fight with Jamie by his side.

I’m not quite sure where we’re at now. We know that Alexi isn’t the killer, and that he wasn’t the one who dropped the backpack. We can assume that whomever Teri is seeing is involved with Rosie’s death. However, Holder and Linden are in the dark there. We find out that Rosie hated her parents, but why? Where does the investigation go from here? The preview for next episode shows that weirdo Jasper from the very first episode of the first season, so maybe we’re making a full circle? I have no idea who killed Rosie. It could’ve been Mitch, for all I know. She’s definitely crazy enough.

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