TV Madness: Morgan vs. Cameron – Bauer vs. Morrow

Friday’s TV Madness match-ups are still too close to call at the time of this writing, but it looks like Raylan Givens might put Cordell Walker out of the tournament. (Thank goodness!) The battle between Ben Linus and Brisco County, Jr. is still neck-and-neck, though. We’ll have to see how that shakes out this afternoon.

Dexter excels at executing a specific plan. He’s a master at catching his prey by surprise and then strapping them to his table before they know what hits them. However, this seems to be a very tough match for him, seeing that, of all the people he’s hunted down in the past, none has been a Terminator from the future. Anyone else, and Dexter would most likely move on, but this opponent might be too tough even for his specialized skills.

Dexter Morgan – He’s racked up quite the body count through season after season. He stalks, plans and executes. If someone has escaped the hands of justice, he’ll be there to clean it up. The question now is how would he fare against a robotic killer from the future?



Tools of the Trade: His cunning and planning are his biggest strengths. He also has a big bag of sharp tools, but I’m wondering if they’ll be enough to put Cameron at the bottom of Biscayne Bay in a few Hefty bags.

Cameron – She’s one tough fight for anyone in this tournament. That’s because she’s a futuristic, robotic Terminator with all sorts of nifty gadgets, gizmos and fighting advantages. Plus, she kicks everyone’s butt all the time.




Tools of the Trade: Her entire being is her tool. Since she’s constructed of metal and whirring parts, Cameron is nigh indestructible – unless Dexter can find a vat of molten metal to dump on her.

Dexter Morgan vs. Cameron

  • Cameron (66%, 56 Votes)
  • Dexter Morgan (34%, 29 Votes)

Total Voters: 85

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Bauer has seen his fair share of dastardly criminals and angry terrorists. Will Clay Morrow be any different? Sure, Bauer hasn’t gone up against anyone as imposing as Ron Perlman, but he’s faced down these kinds of thugs before and easily won.

Jack Bauer – Since ’24’ started, he’s long been considered TV’s preeminent badass. Bauer has lived through eight hellish days and come out the other side. He’s been shot, stabbed and even relocated to a Chinese prison camp. None of that has ever stopped him, though. An opponent like Clay Morrow shouldn’t be too big of a problem.



Tools of the Trade: He’s Jack Bauer. All he needs is his Jack Bauer-ness.

Clay Morrow – He’s an imposing force. He’s mean, scary, and has killed his fair share of people. This pales in comparison to Bauer’s kill count, but Morrow is no stranger to destroying people who get in his way.




Tools of the Trade: Morrow usually has access to all kinds of guns, but will that really help against a man who has battled gun-toting terrorists throughout his life and always come out on top?

Jack Bauer vs. Clay Morrow

  • Jack Bauer (74%, 62 Votes)
  • Clay Morrow (26%, 22 Votes)

Total Voters: 84

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  1. Shayne Blakeley

    Had to vote against Bauer. Not that I necessarily think Morrow would win, but that everyone else seems to think Bauer can beat anyone/anything and I’m not buying it.

  2. I see what you mean, Shayne but the actor Sutherland has been deadly in other movies that don’t involve him to be a federal agent, cowboy or even a vampire so I give my vote to him.

    Perlman is pretty deadly but he’s not always organized. He’s got a cycle, can shank you and plenty of assault weapons but Bauer is ex-Delta Force, has shotguns, sniper rifles, better knife throwing and plenty of plausible kicks and punches.

    Following Bauer would be Jonas Blane, Worf and Vic Mackey and regardless of whether I like them or not, I would still give them the advantage due to most of them killing up from 100 to 200-something enemies (Watch the YouTube killcount videos).

    As for Dexter, is this a joke? He’s great at murdering but not so much at defending and you can’t just drug a killer robot of any kind and expect that to do anything.

  3. Alex

    While I think Morrow’s arthritis is certainly a disadvantage here, he does some pretty sick things in Sons of Anarchy (remember how he blackmailed the land-owner in season 1? I won’t spoil it, but it is messed up!), and I think that savagery and utter disregard for any life that isn’t his family or club will put him over the top with Jack.

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