TV Madness: Cameron vs. Worf

Surprisingly, Brisco County, Jr. has gone head-to-head with Jonas Blane and hasn’t backed down. At the time of writing this post, their TV Madness contest is still too close to call. As Blane and Brisco fight it out, we’ll take a look at Cameron versus Worf.

Klingons are a surly bunch, but since Worf has been on the Enterprise, his warring ways have been kept to a minimum. Does he still have enough inner warrior to defeat a death-dealing robot from the future? Wait, scratch that. Cameron came back in time from the year 2027, whereas Worf inhabits the Enterprise in the mid-2300s. Huh. That makes this match-up even more interesting.

Cameron – She’s a futuristic death machine, but to Worf, she’s over 300 years old. Still, that doesn’t mean that she isn’t dangerous, even when facing a life form from an even more distant future.




Secret Weapon: She’s a nigh indestructible robot who will kill anything in her path. She’s already taken out two tough, yet very human characters. Worf isn’t human, but does he stand a chance against this bionic lady?

Worf – The chances are good that Worf has already seen and dealt with whatever technology made Cameron. That, or the technology that Worf uses far surpasses Cameron’s technology in every way. It’s kind of crazy to think about how far in the future Worf lives. That could definitely help him out here.




Secret Weapon: Well, coming from the distant future really helps Worf a lot. Plus, he also still has that brooding, nasty Klingon blood inside of him just waiting to rage on someone.

Cameron vs. Worf

  • Cameron (53%, 40 Votes)
  • Worf (47%, 36 Votes)

Total Voters: 76

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  1. Tough call, but I still think Worf is a wuss by Klingon standards. I voted against him before, so I’ll stick to my guns and support Cameron here.

    • Yeah, really tough call here. We could say that Worf has fought Borg and Dominion, but Worf really doesn’t do that alone. However, Worf’s Batliff skills could come in handy in close combat. But with the Klingon grunting and lack of wanting to use long-range weapons, Cameron could probably kill Worf before he got close enough to inflict any real damage.

      This one is tough. In close range combat, I choose Worf, but if they are futher apart than a couple of meters, Cameron sports the advantage.

        • Klingon with a disruptor or Terminator with a gun? Any Klingon with any honor would throw the disruptor away and try to charge the Terminator with their Batliff. As a terminator doesn’t care how they kill, Cameron would pull out a gun and shoot Worf while he was charging. That, and the fact that Worf is always grunting around and stuff would mean that a stealth attack would be almost impossible.

          • EM

            I really don’t know where you’re getting this stuff. Energy weapons are a long-held Klingon tradition, and Worf is no stranger to using them. Furthermore, Worf and other Klingons certainly are capable of stealth.

          • William Henley

            Only the Klingon renegades tend to use disruptors. That being said, they are kinda inconsistant – some have no issues with the disruptors, others hate using it except as a last resort.

            The whole idea is that there is supposed to be honor in battle. Sneaking up on an enemy and shooting them with a disruptor before they even know you are there is not really honorable – its more like a hunt. The hunting species were in Voyager – I forgot what they were called.

            However, I still go back to Work hissing and grunting every time a situation arises, and not being able to sneak up on Cameron. Other Klingons may be able to do this. If Cameron knows that Worf is somewhere in the area, all she has to do is insult the Enterprise or Picard, and Worf will go, “grrrrrrr… ARRRRRRRGGGGGHHHHH!!!! If you were any other person I would kill….. You shot me! Maybe I should have shot while I had the chance!”

          • EM

            I suspect the disruptor “inconsistency” is far greater than you think. Regardless, Worf has served in Starfleet far more than he has served in the Klingon Defense Force, and phasers are standard issue in Starfleet, particularly for its security officers. Worf has been seen using phasers (not to mention wanting to use phasers) many times. If he has some blanket prohibition against using phasers against a foe, it’s one that he violates at the drop of a hat (or of a ponytail holder).

            Klingons have no problem with using stealth in approaching or deceiving an enemy. I would think the words cloaking device should settle that particular question. However, you are right that Klingon honor prefers a face-to-face confrontation—indeed, the cloaking device in Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country, which allowed the vessel to fire while cloaked, was an aberration. Usually Klingon ships must be uncloaked in order to fire, and Klingons usually have no qualms about firing as soon as decloaking permits—they may be face-to-face with their opponent for only a split second before attacking. Surprise in combat is consistent with Klingon honor.

            While these TV Madness confrontations are somewhat vaguely defined, I think one can presume that Worf and Cameron are both aware from the beginning that they are in a death match, and one can presume that each knows that the other knows they are in a death match. Under the circumstances, I think Klingon honor would permit Worf to stealthily approach his informed opponent, surprise her, and attempt a speedy victory.

            As for whether Worf is capable of pulling off stealth: as an individual, Worf has been shown employing stealth and “sneaking” effectively a number of times, without grunting or hissing or otherwise making a racket. Off the top of my head, the Next Generation episodes “The Outcast”, “Chain of Command, Part I”, and “Birthright, Part II” would all be examples.

          • William Henley

            Good argument, I see where you are coming from. In any case, I think this death-match is going to be extremely close. While I would put my money on Cameron, I could see Worf wining. This has got to be one of the most interesting matches I have seen in this tournament.

          • William Henley

            BTW, I have been watching nothing but DS9 lately, and all I can see at the moment is Worf just ready to fight anyone. Its been a while since I have seen TNG, and am waiting for the Blu-Rays to watch them again. So pretty much, the impression I have in my mind of Worf at the moment comes from DS9 seasons 3 and 4. I think in those episodes, Worf even growls and hisses while he sleeps.

          • EM

            I doubt you’ll find Worf in DS9 season 3. I haven’t watched much DS9 lately; if on that show Worf seems more anxious for combat than usual, perhaps it’s because he is no longer a security officer. And maybe that stress leads to snoring.

  2. CamSully

    Being both a Terminator fan and Trekkie, this is very tough. Worf does get beat up quite a lot on early eps. of TNG but he’s truly a warrior by the time DS9 and the movies emerged. He’s got plenty of maneuvers to outwit even Schwarzenegger’s T-800

    • EM

      Yeah, I think if the writers wanted to demonstrate how tough the Alien of the Week was, they’d have the AotW beat the snot out of Worf. In a perverse way, that’s a compliment to Worf. And in a perverse way (to humans), Worf would like it.