TV Madness Final: Cameron vs. Bauer

We’re down to the final two combatants in this year’s TV Madness tournament. Terrorist killer extraordinaire Jack Bauer goes up against his toughest opponent yet: Cameron, a sexy cyborg from the future. Who will come out on top and take home the TV Madness crown?

Since March, we’ve been whittling down the competition to find out which characters were worthy enough to face off in the finals. We had some upsets, controversial match-ups, and even a few overzealous voters along the way. Everything has led up to this. Two very worthy opponents duke it out to find out just which one is the biggest badass character to ever grace the small screen.

Jack Bauer – He’s saved our American way of life numerous times over. He had a very close call in the last round, where we had to go to a tie-breaker in order to get him past the resourceful Malcolm Reynolds. Before that, Bauer simply laid waste to his competition. Until now. Bauer has taken on hundreds of killers, but has never taken on a death-dealing cybernetic organism. Does his illustrious run end here?



Cameron – She sure seems to hold many of the cards in this match-up. Underneath that Summer Glau exterior, Cameron is a nigh-indestructible skeleton of metal and death. Like Bauer, she uses all manner of firearms, but she does so with the precision that only an internal processor can manage.



Final Word: As much as I want to vote for Bauer here, since I spent every Fall for eight years tuning into ’24’, I don’t see how he could defeat Cameron. However, there’s hope. If a woman by the name of Sarah Connor could take out a Terminator from the future, maybe Bauer can find a vat of molten metal somewhere and melt Cameron down to a puddle. What do you think? Who takes home the championship? Vote now!

Cameron vs. Jack Bauer

  • Jack Bauer (51%, 54 Votes)
  • Cameron (49%, 52 Votes)

Total Voters: 106

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    • EM

      The waitress didn’t do it alone, though. These are one-on-one fights, and Bauer doesn’t have a soldier from the future helping him—merely his own bad-ass self.

      • William Henley

        Yeah, I am siding with EM here, you pretty much echoed what I was thinking. In 1984, Sarah had the help of a soldier from the future. In 1992ish (did we ever get an exact date that the second movie took place?), she had the help of another terminator. Both times, Sarah would have been dead if she hadn’t had help. Yeah, Connor may have delivered the finishing blow, but she wouldn’t have a chance by herself.

        Cameron had better win this one.

  1. I voted for Cameron over Jack. If these are television exclusive competitions, I don’t think it’s entirely relevant whether Sarah Connor could take down a terminator. Cameron in the show only ever gets her ass handed to her by other robots, and even then she eventually prevails.

    Even in an interrogation, Jack wouldn’t be able to “break” her.

    I’m thoroughly confident that Chloe could hack past her firewall and override her security remotely while Cameron’s distracted in her mission to terminate Jack.

    • William Henley

      Ohhh, good point – yes, we got to seperate the Terminator movies from the TV show.

      However, in this case, I don’t think that works. The tv show was supposed to follow along the same story arch as the movies, meaning that, in the past on the TV show, Sarah HAS destroyed two terminators. The fact that she goes back to Dyson’s widow in the show emphasizes this.

      Still, though, once again:
      1) Sarah didn’t defeat the terminators on her own, she had help.
      2) These are one-on-one fights. Jack wouldn’t have Chloe to back him up.

  2. Shayne Blakeley

    Jesus, now Jack is beating a Terminator?! Seriously, just tell me which season he gets bit by a radioactive cockroach and maybe I’ll continue watching from there.

    • In season 2, he survived a nuclear explosion by ducking behind some rocks. No doubt he was infused with radioactive superpowers as a result.

        • Truthfully, I am kind of thinking that they should have made Jack some type of superhero. At least then, the show would have been more believable than it was. Instead, this is supposed to be one ordinary guy, in the realistic world, who can do crazy stuff like survive nuclear explosions and all sorts of other stuff.

          Other issue with the show was the whole timing thing. It is SUPPOSED to take place in real time. Apparently no one told the writers that. Seen events that should have taken 5-10 minutes in real life be stretched out over 2 or 3 shows.

          Yeah, I can’t stand 24. My roommate thinks it is the greatest show ever made. Well that, and the WWE and WCW.

          Anyways, its water under the bridge now. I made my vote, and said my two cents. I don’t really know at this point if its even worth trying to sway people, I don’t think there are enough people who reserve their votes until after they read the comments to really make a difference here.

          Cameron should win this one, but it looks like the Bauer fanboys are winning.

  3. CamSully

    At least the 24 franchise still has plenty of juice & creativity in it. The other franchise should’ve been terminated the minute Judgment Day came about.

    If Cam can be deactivated no problem by John Connor, then this badass agent can prevail. He is a soldier of the future as far as I’m concerned.

    Plus, again, most of you have seen very little of the other so it’s unsound. You kerp claiming that ONLY supernatural creatures have a chance of winning yet are okay if they Whedon creations like Reynolds.

    • Shayne Blakeley

      That’s not true. I don’t think Mal should have won any more than Bauer. I think the Mal vs Bauer battle was a good match, and I was pleased that Mal was able to hold his own against Jack. Furthermore, as big of a Whedonite as I am, I voted against Mal in favor of Clark Kent and Sylar. As for Echo, again I don’t think she should have been the ultimate winner, but I do think she should have beaten Jack. The only Whedon character I think should have won the whole tournament is Buffy.

  4. CamSully

    The last season of 24 wasn’t great, sure, but it’s solid.

    Anyway, I’m glad that’s not the case Shayne. I would’ve voted Worf against Bauer.

  5. Cameron, all the way. Bauer is overrated and wouldn’t stand a chance against a hot terminator. 😉

    Look at it this way… Josh mentioned Bauer surviving a nuclear blast, but remember that was an improbable event even for his character, and stretching credibiity. Drop Cameron in there at the same distance, and it wouldn’t remotely affect her, except perhaps blasting some skin off. She’d crush Bauer without breaking a servo-motor. 😀

  6. William Henley

    It looks like this is going back and forth. This is actually a really good fight. I am glad to see not one is totally slaughtering the other. You know, if Jack wins, but its only by one or two votes, I won’t be disappointed, cause it means Cameron put up a heck of a fight. If Jack was to win by like 7 or more votes, then I might be pretty sour about it.

    When does the tournament end?

    • EM

      I don’t know, but I suspect that long duration is not in Bauer’s favor. My guess is that Cameron can go on a lot more past 24 hours without recharging than Bauer can.

      • William Henley

        🙂 This is true, Bauer fans, the fight has lasted more than 24 hours. Jack must be getting pretty tired by now. 😉

  7. CamSully

    Redemption was two hours and the man is going to star in a movie trilogy soon. Cameron’s show hoever is no more …