The ‘Tron: Legacy’ Special Effects Just Got Special-er

Be Kind Rewind‘ was not a very good movie, but it inspired a whole movement of zero-budget, fan-made remakes and fake trailers for famous movies that now proliferate on YouTube. This “sweded” trailer for ‘Tron: Legacy’ may be one of the most fun I’ve seen recently.

The folks who made this even did it in 3-D, albeit the crappy anaglyph type. The note at the beginning of the trailer claims that you need red/cyan glasses. I dug through my DVD and Blu-ray collection looking for a pair of cardboard glasses in that combination, and came up empty handed. I’ve got red/blue, red/green, and cyan/yellow, but no red/cyan.

The trailer is watchable without the glasses, though annoying.

This is the only version available for embedding. To watch the original 2-D version, head over to Gamervision.

[via Topless Robot]

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