The Trailer Park: I Wanna Channing All Over Your Tatum

Trailers for the summer season keep rolling in, and they’re full of CG spectacle, fantasy and mindless explosions. Of the three released in the last couple of weeks, Wolverine bares his claws again while Percy Jackson prepares for battle against the gods once more. Meanwhile, Channing Tatum continues his fantasy quest of being an action star.

‘Percy Jackson & The Olympians: Sea of Monsters’

Although the first ‘Percy Jackson’ film wasn’t all that bad, it wasn’t all that great either. In fact, after the movie didn’t do particularly well at the box office (unless you count overseas takes), the planned sequel was assumed to be scrapped. But as we see can here, Fox is pushing forward with adapting the series. With a new director at the helm, Thor Freudenthal (‘Hotel for Dogs’, ‘Diary of a Wimpy Kid’), the movie has a strange ‘Harry Potter’ crossed with ‘The Hunger Games’ type of vibe. Nevertheless, my interest is piqued. It looks full of fun and action-packed excitement, as a war between the Olympians and the avenging Titans begins to brew.

‘White House Down’

Roland Emmerich applies his talent for disaster extravaganza and over-the-top spectacle to turn the political thriller genre into a large-scale summer blockbuster. Going by the trailer alone, I’m tempted to say that I want to see this, but knowing that Emmerich is attached actually makes me skeptical and leery of the movie’s overall quality. The fact that Channing Tatum is in the starring role only adds to my hesitation. Jamie Foxx is a fine actor, but he’s not someone I go out of my way to watch. The screenplay is based on a short story by Richard Matheson, which raises my desire to see this movie a tad. In the end, I’ll probably wait for the reviews before making a decision.

‘The Wolverine’

Like with the ‘Percy Jackson’ sequel, I’m somewhat surprised that Fox is forging ahead with a sequel to the rather disappointing ‘X-Men Origins: Wolverine‘. Technically speaking, this is not actually a direct follow-up to that spin-off, as much as the next installment in the ‘X-Men’ franchise – a continuation of the original trilogy, if you will. It’s based on the 1982 Chris Claremont/Frank Miller comic about the temperamental and uptight superhero. With all that in mind, the preview has me both excited and a bit hesitant. I don’t want to be disappointed again. Wolverine has been one my favorite superheroes since childhood. Nonetheless, I’m sure you’ll find me waiting anxiously in line to see this in theaters.

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  1. NJScorpio

    I may be the only person who see Roland Emmerich listed as the director, and gets excited about a film. While the stories in most of his films range from passible to terrible, his actions seens are (IMO) extremely rewatchable. Not counting just catching it on tv, The Day After Tomorrow is up there with my most rewatched movies. (Up there with the frequency of rewatching films like Aliens, T2, Kill Bill, & Die Hard.).

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