The Trailer Park: A Growing Temptation

This week, we have a couple of trailers that give away a few more details about the movies they’re promoting. Fortunately, they do a decent job of increasing my desire to see them.

‘The Watch’

The teaser brings on a couple of chuckles, and I’m willing to give the movie a chance. On Blu-ray, that is. The new trailer finally expands on the plot and manages a few more laughs, especially near the end with Stiller and Vaughn shooting some kind of monster. The story of aliens living in suburban neighborhoods isn’t exactly new, but the script is written by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg. The movie stars a fairly strong cast, which makes me hope it’ll at least be amusing. Also, is it just me or does the movie have a strange ‘MiB’ sort of vibe to it?

‘The Bourne Legacy’

The latest preview for the new ‘Bourne’ flick continues to pique my interest. I’m shrugging aside the feeling that it looks quite a bit like the first movie, with a female accomplice and all, in favor of an intriguing plot that connects ‘The Bourne Ultimatum’ with Jeremy Renner’s character. The idea that Bourne’s existence being made public forces the CIA to remove all evidence of the covert program, including the agents themselves, actually sounds pretty cool. I’m genuinely rooting for Tony Gilroy, who moves up from screenwriter of the trilogy to director. I hope he has the chops to make this one live up to the first three.

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