The Trailer Park: Some Unexpected Twists

Early next year promises a few flicks with unexpected twists to pretty much old ideas. The first is a sci-fi teen drama about raging hormones and supernatural powers. A modern day ‘Carrie’, I suppose. The other seems like something stolen out of MAD magazine, but with Reese Witherspoon as the center of attention.


What really gets me about this trailer is the first few minutes, which toy with viewers as to the story’s actual intentions. It looks like any other teen drama about kids probably doing some rotten things. Yet there’s also a sense of something more sinister, like it will soon turn into a thriller, maybe involving an accidental death and cover-up. Once we’re in that zone, suddenly strange things occur and we realize that this is something completely weird. The trailer looks good, but we’ll have to wait until February to see if the movie lives up to it.

‘This Means War’

As the preview proudly displays, this new action comedy looks like a live-action take on ‘Spy vs. Spy’, which could be lots of fun to watch. That is, so long as McG doesn’t somehow screw it all up. Sadly, that’s a strong possibility. With Tom Hardy and Chris Pine as the dueling espionage experts, there’s a great deal of potential here, and the trailer really plays up the two actors’ current popularity. I have wonder, though, how much of a prize is Reese Witherspoon? Her character better be worth all this trouble, because if she’s making friends with the likes of Chelsea Handler, I doubt many guys want to be hanging around for too long.

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    • I forwarded that note to E. last night. Hopefully, he’ll find time to throw together a post on that soon.

      I find it particularly odd that the Snow White movie NOT directed by Tarsem looks more Tarsem-y than the one that allegedly was directed by Tarsem.

      • JM

        I’m still sad that Disney abandoned ‘Snow White & The Seven,’ with shaolin monks instead of dwarves, choreography by Yuen Woon-ping.

        That would have been the version to let Tarsem direct.

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