The Trailer Park: The Horror of Horrible Movies

Pretty much every decade has had its share of bad movies. Only two years into this second decade of the 21st Century, and we’re already seeing one terrible film after another. The trailers for the following two horror flicks look like no exception, but one of them at least has me interested by its unique approach (certainly not for any originality in the story or plot).


I don’t know about everyone else, but this seriously sounds like the dumbest idea for a horror movie ever. Even though some creep sneak up behind you while using an ATM machine is a scary enough thought, sitting through 90-minutes of three numbskulls trapped inside a booth is not even remotely terrifying in my book. And who are these kids that park so far away from the machine in the first place? Who does that in the middle of the night? And why are they recycling the killer from ‘I Know What You Did Last Summer’? Oh, and one final thing, I’m sick and tired of all these ridiculous excuses for cell phones conveniently not working.

‘Silent House’

A remake of a Latin-American movie, this low-budget horror flick has me interested primarily for being one single take. Or at least, it claims to be. Supposedly, there are no edits or cuts in the 88-minute runtime. However, with the use of digital cameras nowadays (on which this one was shot), filmmakers can do all sorts of visual tricks to make their movie look like a continuous long take. All we need is one moment in a very dark shadow or a sudden rapid jerking motion to the side, then splice the next scene right into it. Still, it’ll be interesting to watch and see if the filmmakers actually accomplish what they’re claiming.

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  1. This was at Sundance last year and I’m pretty sure that the filmmakers said it was one take in the Q & As they gave. Plus, it’s Elizabeth Olsen, and she’s awesome.

    I heard nothing but good thing from press members and festival folk that saw this movie.

    • ATM on the other hand looks laughably awful. I have never, ever seen an ATM in the middle of a dark parking lot like that. Do they make them?

      The moment I saw that guy filling up the ATM with water I laughed hard. I can’t wait for the RiffTrax on that one.

  2. JM

    I was hoping for a teaser of ‘V/H/S.’

    ‘Dumb’ and ‘Generic’ do nothing for me.

    Single shot filmmaking didn’t help ‘Snake Eyes,’ but it was a hell of a thing in ‘Children Of Men.’

    Now I have to rewatch the ‘Juan Of The Dead’ trailer, to cleanse the pallet.

  3. EM

    You don‘t need special digital tricks for a single-take movie. Rope has the camera trained on a wall, the fabric of the back of someone’s suitcoat, etc. when one reel runs out and the next begins. That said, Rope is not a perfect example of the single-take esthetic: there are at least a couple of bona fide cuts, but the film does generally stick to the very-long-take technique.

  4. Silent House is presented as one-take, employing special tricks to make it seem like one take. No one is claiming it is filmed in one long actual take. And how can you say its bad? It’s been getting solid reviews and buzz from people who’ve seen it.

    • Charles, “The Trailer Park” is a recurring feature where we discuss trailers for upcoming movies. I think the headline is pretty clear, but I will add a slight revision to E’s first paragraph if that helps. You can consider that an editorial oversight, and not blame E.

  5. I’m fully aware of what “The Trailer Park” is, I check it out all the time. But the post still said the movies themselves were terrible, not the trailers. Lol I don’t know why I even care. Love you guys.