The Trailer Park: Covert Agents and General MacArthur

In this week’s batch of trailers, devoted-dad Dwayne Johnson becomes a snitch, Matthew Fox builds a case against the emperor of Japan, and Bruce Willis comes out of retirement… again.


I think the best part of this trailer is the narrator’s voice saying, “How far would you go?” It’s an old-fashioned trailer that’s quick and to the point. I almost felt like I popped in a VHS tape, especially once the banal-sounding plot was explained and the car flips over. I like Dwayne Johnson. He has great screen presence and a charismatic personality, but this movie looks pretty boring.


With Tommy Lee Jones, Matthew Fox and an interesting plot that glues everything together, this historical bio-pic has my attention. However, the preview makes it look like some sort of direct-to-video feature. The production and design, of course, look expensive and extravagant, but this is rather terrible trailer. I want to see this, and most likely will, but the few minutes we spend with the preview fails to generate any excitement.

‘RED 2’

It’s the same old story: Former black-ops secret agent Frank Moses is forced out of retirement for one last job. Also as always, he’s usually better than the other, often younger competition. Except, of course, when Helen Mirren is concerned. She’s a deadly hottie no matter what. I never really thought much of the first ‘RED‘, but it was fun and an easy way to kill a couple hours. The sequel, which has Bruce Willis and Mary-Louise Parker reprising their roles, looks like it’ll be much of the same, but with the added bonus of Catherine Zeta-Jones.

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