The Trailer Park: Superheroes, Robots and the Unknown

Teaser trailers for the summer movie season are still rolling in. In today’s batch, we have an unexpected surprise from micro-budget filmmaker Shane Carruth, the latest visual spectacle from Guillermo del Toro, and the highly-anticipated Superman flick from Zack Snyder.

‘Upstream Color’

As a big fan of Shane Carruth’s directorial debut ‘Primer’, I’m really excited to see his second feature, which he has once again written, produced and directed. The teaser is a complete mystery, as two people (we’re not sure that they’re a couple) talk nonsensically about their surroundings. Still, the one minute we spend with them and some of Carruth’s visuals is more than enough to convince me that this is a sci-fi romantic thriller I must seek out and watch.

‘Pacific Rim’

First of all, this trailer is utterly manic and insane! We get lots of breathtaking CGI visuals to whet the appetite, and just enough of the plot before we think about it and realize how silly it is. Then to top it all off, the movie’s directed by Guillermo del Toro, a filmmaker who has consistently impressed with wildly fantastical and stunning imagery, even if his stories are sometimes less than satisfying. The sci-fi creature feature will be like watching live-action mecha anime. I can’t wait!

‘Man of Steel’

Is it just me or does this preview really work hard at pulling one’s heartstrings, especially the ‘Gladiator’-like music playing in the background? So far, I like the look and feel of this latest Superman adventure. It seems like a massive improvement over Bryan Singer’s weak attempt at rebooting the franchise. Then again, Zack Snyder, while far better at spectacular imagery than Singer, doesn’t exactly amass much confidence either. Yet I’m intrigued not only by the looks of the film, but also because the story comes from Christopher Nolan and David S. Goyer. That makes me hopeful of at least a decent outcome.

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  1. nelll

    I saw all those previews at the Dolby Atmos theater. They’ve been messing with my head all this time. I been wondering if I need to add more speakers to my
    The sound of those movies is going to be above average level. Can’t wait.

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