The Trailer Park: Making History

Two great bio-dramas will hit theaters soon. One is about American history and the other about cinema history. Both promise to be crowd-pleasers.


Under the guise of being about the making of ‘Psycho’, this film is really a glimpse into the life of a cinema genius. I love Anthony Hopkins in the role of the Master of Suspense. He even nails the director’s idiosyncratic speech pattern. The beautiful Helen Mirren plays his wife Alma. My only concern is relatively unknown Sacha Gervasi at the helm. I wonder how well he’ll do with a major project like this. Nevertheless, I’m really excited to see this and will likely see it in theaters come this holiday season.


One of the greatest actors of our time joins one of the most highly regarded filmmakers working today to bring us the story of one of the most important figures in American history. This short preview promises the film to be a monumental and moving spectacle about one of the most harrowing challenges ever faced by this nation. As a history buff, this is one biography I definitely can’t miss. As a film buff, this is definitely something I want to see on the largest screen possible. It looks nothing short of spectacular.

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