The Trailer Park: Adults Acting Like Children

As the title suggests, we have some trailers for new movies about adults who refuse to grow up. Why anyone finds such a concept appealing for a movie, I don’t have the slightest idea. The plot device is nothing new in film, yet Hollywood keeps churning movies like this out as if they’ve never been done before.

‘Young Adult’

Is it not bad enough that Diablo Cody has anything to do with ‘The Evil Dead’ remake that we must continue suffering through more of her unoriginal and very unfunny dribble? Her latest turd looks like another floater of the same old crap. How many times have we seen this scenario: Grown adult has midlife crisis and seeks reaffirmation of his/her life by returning to childhood hometown where said adult confronts past demons? In fact, another film with the exact same plot opens only a few weeks after this stupid nonsense. And guess what? The small indie flick ‘Roadie‘ looks far superior and more intelligent. Skip this and watch the other movie instead. Support the better talent.

’21 Jump Street’

Granted, this preview made me laugh a few times, and even has me curious as to whether the movie might be any good. But a movie version of the ’80s TV show ’21 Jump Street’ still sounds like an idiotic idea, and in several ways, even looks like it. The first giveaway is the fact that it stars one of the worst actors, if not THE worst actor, in our lifetime: Channing Tatum. That it comes with two credited directors isn’t a good sign either. Jonah Hill looks much thinner, but remains the same funny guy. Ice Cube takes over pretty much where Steven Williams left off, and Johnny Depp supposedly even makes a guest appearance. WARNING: This is the Red Band trailer.

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  1. The two directors of the 21 Jump Street movie are a team who previously made Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, which I thought was hilarious. Because of that, I want to give this movie the benefit of the doubt. The trailer is kind of funny, but Channing Tatum really kills it for me.

  2. I’m glad you’re not a Diablo Cody fan too. I can’t stand her. I just saw Young Adult tonight, which I’m under embargo to not review until opening day, but let’s just say it’s exactly what you and I are expecting. Let’s all say it together – “OVERRATED!”

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