Mid-Week Poll: Single-Player vs. Online Gaming

Let’s do another videogame poll this week. I’m curious how many of our readers enjoy multi-player online gaming, as opposed to those who prefer the single-player experience. Vote after the break.

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m not much of a gamer in the first place. When I do play a videogame, I’m only interested in the single-player campaign as it’s authored on the disc. I have no one to play multi-player within my home, and I really don’t see the appeal of battling with a bunch of 13-year-olds online. Maybe that’s just because I’m a stodgy old fogey.

Which form of gaming do you prefer? If you’re an avid online player, tell me what I’m missing.

Do You Play Videogames Online?

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  1. T.J. Kats

    Single and multi in the same room. Most of my gaming is single player with some wii multiplayer mixed in with the kids or when family comes over. I would play online but with two kids and a third on the way it often isn’t practical to sit down and play online.

  2. Alex

    Honestly, I’m just not a fan of playing with people I don’t know. I’ll invite the occasional buddy over for a round of co-op Gears of War, but even that doesn’t happen all that often. Family and professional responsibilities, both mine and those of my friends, means that we just don’t have the time to have game nights all that frequently.

    Plus, I love my plots in games. Give me a good RPG (Mass Effect, Dragon Age) over a random shooter any day. Game stories just seem to be told more cohesively in single-player games.

  3. I definitely play online more than I play the single player experience.

    If it’s competitive like ‘Halo’ or ‘StarCraft’ then online for sure. That’s where I find a lot of excitement in gaming right now. Going through some dull predictable storyline with poorly executed cutscenes that totally break my experience isn’t half as fun as smashing someone in a friendly game.

    ‘World of Warcraft’ and the upcoming ‘Star Wars: Old Republic’ are online, obviously. With ‘Minecraft’ I play on a server with some friends.

    As far as single player experiences go, well, I find so many of them to be lacking. There’s an occasional gem, like ‘Mass Effect’ or ‘Skyrim,’ but I’m picky as hell and most don’t live up to my expectations.

  4. Probably 99% of my gameplay is single-player, so that is what I picked. About once or twice a year, I’ll get together with my friends and we will play Mario Kart, Ages of Empires or Quake 3, but that is so rare, I just couldn’t pick it.

    I HATE playing on the internet, for pretty much the same reasons Josh stated.

    • Wait, do Facebook games count? I play a heck of a lot of Facebook games. I don’t really consider those online games, though, more like Social games. Yeah, they are online, but I think they are in a vastly different category than WoW and Everquest

  5. paramedic0112

    I mainly just play online. Mostly COD MW3 right now. Why would I want to fight the computer when I could go up againtst real humans? Humans are the most dangerous game. You get alot more satisfaction from putting down a real person. They’re a lot less predictable too. It’s just more tactically realistic. In MW3 it’s pretty funny too because right after you take someone out, you get to hear 1-2 seconds of what the person said right when they died (if they have a headset on). It can be hilarious.

  6. I love playing both single player and multiplayer. It’s great when a bunch of your friends are all on the same team in COD or BF and kicking butt together.

  7. Tim

    Mostly single-player RPGS, with a smattering of action games (God of War, Enslaved, Uncharted, etc.).

    I really have only every played certain shooters online (Halo, Gears of War) when it’s with my best friends (and more often than not, it’s as a LAN party rather than over XBL).

    For the next few months, it’s nothing by Skyrim. My goal is to visit every possible location, get every dragon shout and complete 95% of the quests before March. That way
    I can play FFXIII-2 and Mass Effect 3 with no remorse.

  8. I’e been hooked on online gaming since I was a beta tester for Xbox Live. That being said, I don’t overdo it because of family and work.

    Battlefield 3 is where it’s at for me right now. I also do enjoy the occasional single player RPG.