The Trailer Park: Gods Gone Wild

When December comes around, the studios start rolling out their big awards hopefuls for the season. Whether any of these movies actually win Oscars or not, they might be worth watching.

‘Wild’ (Dec. 5)

Reese Witherspoon is shooting for another Best Actress trophy with a traveling-to-find-one’s-self movie. In ‘Wild’, she plays a woman whose life was hit with tragedy, followed by a dark period of depression. To rise above it all, she sets off on a seemingly impossible solitary hike across 1,110 miles of American wilderness.

‘Exodus: Gods and Kings’ (Dec. 12)

Ridley Scott takes another crack at the historical epic genre, and this time he’s going Biblically epic. Christian Bale plays Moses and Joel Edgerton plays his adopted brother Rhamses. I know what you’re thinking: Did Scott go all ‘Prince of Persia‘ on us by casting white actors as non-white characters? The answer is yes, but Edgerton certainly doesn’t look like a white guy. So, which will be the bigger Bible movie of the year, ‘Noah‘ or ‘Exodus’?

‘Inherent Vice’ (Dec. 12)

Paul Thomas Anderson channels the Coen brothers in this very Lebowski-esque tale of a drugged-up cop trying to crack the case involving his missing ex-girlfriend. Joaquin Phoenix (‘The Master’) returns as Anderson’s leading man. The crime drama also stars Josh Brolin, Jena Malone, Reese Witherspoon, Benicio Del Toro, Owen Wilson, Eric Roberts, Maya Rudolph and Martin Short.

‘The Hobbit: The Battle of Five Armies’ (Dec. 17)

Should Peter Jackson and friends have stretched ‘The Hobbit’ into three movies? Probably not, but I’ve still enjoyed them along the way. Having not read the book since I was a little Hobbit myself, I can’t remember where the tale is going. Because watching these movies is like discovering the story for the first time all over again, I absolutely can’t wait to see the final chapter in not only the ‘Hobbit’ series, but the entire Middle Earth saga. I just hope that press screenings aren’t in the hideous 48 frames-per-second (HFR) format that Peter Jackson likes but no one else does.

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  1. Chris B

    I’m so excited to see Inherent vice in the theatre. I love every movie Andersons ever made and what a fantastic cast he’s assembled. It and Interstellar are my two most anticipated movies left to be released this year.

  2. Chris B

    I tried watching the first two Hobbit movies but the sheet volume of CGI pulled me out if the story. It started to feel gratuitious…every gew minutes there would be a shot (or several) where I’d think to myself “well that’s obviously completely fake”, and it just ruined the immersion. Anyone else have the same problem?

      • The second Hobbit movie is much better than the first. It’s much better paced. We’ve already met the main characters so there’s no songs while doing dishes & shit. There’s still ridiculous amounts of cg and the barrel scene is absurd, and is quite long, but overall pretty good. Opinions will vary, but I liked it enough that I may actually go see BOFA in theaters.

        • Chris B

          I watched the first Hobbit movie and attempted to watch the second but gave up as a result of my aforementioned CGI complaint. However, I do agree the second movie WAS better paced and jumped into the action much sooner. I may give it another try in December, perhaps it deserves a second chance.

    • Nope has never bothered me, did the subpar CGI throw you off so bad in the original Trilogy? Even in 2001 the CGI for a lot of those movies looked pretty bad, take the falling bridge scene where they have to jump and the chunks fall down, it looks terribly bad and green screened. The Trilogy is full of stuff like that and honestly things look WAY better in the new Hobbit films. So no that didnt pull me out of the story at all and neither did the bad CGI in the original trilogy either.

      Smaug was great, the movie builds up perfectly to the showdown of Bilbo and Smaug and its completely worth the wait. Cumberbatch is awesome and their exchange is so awesome.

      I own the extended cut of The Hobbit and my Extended 3D cut of Smaug is on pre-order. I love these movies, almost more than the original Trilogy as Dwarves have always been my favorite type of character in fantasy since I was a kid and they are here with all of my imagined quirks, voices and actions and I cant get enough 🙂

      Simply cant wait for the final part, its going to be epic…..and in 48fps 3D 🙂

    • Chris B

      Yeah, I was thinking it sort of had an American Hustle vibe while watching the trailer as well. The first 30 seconds or so also reminded me of Wes Anderson quite a bit with the voicover, the rapid plot synopsis and character introductions, not to mention the inclusion of Owen Wilson in the cast. Hopefully the film has enough of P. T.’s own voice to make it feel unique from his contemporaries.

    • Chris B

      I’ve never watched a film in the theatre at 48 fps. Could you please describe the difference? Is it similar to the “smooth motion” features on most people’s HDTVs nowadays?

      • Drew

        It’s not similar to that, at all. However, lazy-minded people who can’t think of a more accurate way to describe it will tell you that.

          • Drew

            Not an insult, in the slightest. Just letting you know that if you hear people describe it that way, they are either ignorant or lazy (or both). It’s the opposite of “motion flow”/”smooth motion” gimmicks on TVs. It’s very natural and lifelike. It’s as if 24fps was simply “naturalized.” It takes at least an entire movie to get used to it/have it grow on you. So, if you choose to give it a go, don’t give up on it after 5 minutes, like most people do. If you can be open minded for the duration of the running time of the film, I think you just might love it.

          • Agree with Drew, its my favorite new tech in film right now and it really sucks that no one else is doing it, especially for action movies or anything similar to big budget stuff like The Hobbit. I would personally LOVE to see a Transformers movie in 48fps with Michael Bay action, it would flow smoother than any other action film and look amazing at the same time.

            The Definition is so much better, the motion is real and to me its like I was there with the camera filming the action happening live. Thats the best way I can describe it, its supposed to be this way and anyone that hates that feeling on their TV sets at home, well those movies arent SUPPOSED to look that way, so its completely unnatural. Jackson’s movies are filmed this way and are meant to be viewed like this, 48fps and 3D work beautifully together as well, to me its really worth seeing Five Armies in 48fps 3D

  3. It must be mentioned too that ‘Inherent Vice’ is based on notable reclusive author Thomas Pynchon’s novel of the same name. I have only read his ‘The Crying of Lot 49’, which is thoroughly brilliant (and completely incomprehensible at the same time, for I lack the proper linguistic framework and background knowledge needed to grasp the novel). Pynchon’s novels are always filled to the brim with metacommentary, and layers upon layers of abstract concepts such as ‘entropy’ (a word my impressionable 19 year old didn’t know when he first read the book).

    Very curious if Mr. Pynchon is pleased with the results.

  4. C.C. 95

    Isn’t WILD kinda the EXACT same plot as Sean Penn’s INTO THE WILD?
    Ridley will alway get my butt in the seat.
    INHERENT VICE looks interesting, but I’m getting tired of the latest trend of 70s based films. And the trend of hipsters repeating the line “PT Anderson is the finest director working in film”. (He’s talented, and gets points for shooting ACTUAL film-but very overrated. Do you know ONE person who owns a copy of THE MASTER?).

    • Chris B

      Wild definitely seems similar to Into the Wild, I’m guessing it’ll have a happier ending though. I really can’t see them starving to death in a bus at the end.

      P.T. Anderson is not overrated! He’s a creative genius! He has one of the most consistent filmographies of anybody in cinema! The Master was awesome! It just had fucked up pacing! AHHHHHH!!!!!

      But now that you mention it, I don’t actually own a copy haha! I’m waiting till the Amazon price goes down…it’s still way too high for a movie that old.

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