Poll: Which Fall 2014 New TV Shows Interest You?

As the new fall TV season picks up steam, you may have already tried out a few new shows and may be looking forward to some others. Which of this season’s new series interest you the most?

I’ve done my best to prepare a list of new scripted dramas and comedies. If I’ve missed any, please let me know. I have not included any returning series (we may talk about those at a later time) or Reality shows.

Which Fall 2014 New TV Shows Interest You?

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Of the shows that have already premiered, I am at least tentatively on board with ‘Gotham’. ABC’s ‘Forever’ was more fun than I expected, but I’m not sure that I need to watch every episode. I think I’m already over ‘Z Nation’ on Syfy.

‘How to Get Away with Murder’ didn’t do much for me, and ‘Scorpion’ is one of the worst shows to ever air on television.

As for upcoming shows, I plan to check out ‘Gracepoint’ this week. I will also give a shot to ‘The Flash’ (even though I didn’t care for ‘Arrow’) and ‘Constantine’.

That’s pretty much it for me, honestly. What grabs your attention?


  1. I’m already a fan of Gotham…it’s really entertaining, which is a shock to me because I thought it would be another teenbopper, WB-like superhero show (even though it’s on FOX).

    I’ll be checking out Gracepoint, because I thought Broadchurch was brilliant…but I can’t imagine it will be as good.

    • William Henley

      I was half asleep this morning, there is a Contantine television series? I don’t watch NBC at all, so I had no clue about this! Okay, I am excited for that one! This is like Christmas to me, I love the movie!

        • William Henley

          I’ll still give it a shot. I don’t read comics, so have nothing to compare it with, but I will try to remember that it is a different take on the source material.

        • NJScorpio

          The movie is a personal favorite of mine. One of those films I can easily rewatch on a Saturday afternoon, like ‘The Day After Tomorrow’.

          • Right there with you, Constantine will always be one I can go back to and watch over and over again, the trailer for the show brings the same quality to the character and it looks like its going to be a good time. Of course a show like that on Network TV doesnt usually do well and it will probably get cancelled, if it was something FX or AMC or Syfy picked up it would probably last longer right out of the gate, the fact that they are cutting out smoking for the character is lame already, thanks Network TV

  2. HuskerGuy

    I’ve really enjoyed Red Band Society’s two episodes so far, but I fear it isn’t going to last based on some of the ratings I’ve seen. It isn’t a perfect show, but it’s got a lot of charm imo.

  3. Looking at that list is depressing. So many new, hopeful shows and yet, you just know 80% will get axed within a few weeks (or, if they’re lucky, after their season has ended). Here’s an idea: networks greenlight fewer shows each season, which results in fewer cancellations, which results in fewer unhappy directors, writers, actors …

    It’ll be good for the whole industry.

  4. Ryan

    Watched the first 2 Gothams and I’m not impressed. I’ll give it a few more eps to find its footing. But it’s crap like Alfred saying Bruce can’t go to therapy because Thomas Wayne left very specific instructions on how to raise him if they die, that make me wanna run. That was utterly ridiculous.

    The Affair on Showtime (or is it Starz) looks interesting as well.

    • C.C. 95

      I’m not impressed with Gotham either. A lot of either bad acting (Pinkett-Smith), or over acting (Mackenzie). I’m not sure why fanboys are liking it, as it is really messing with the history in stupid ways.
      When Selina Kyle told Gordon to call her ‘Cat’, I threw up in my mouth a little bit…
      And character after character telling Cobblepot “You know, you walk like a penguin”, and laying that down as groundwork for the ‘wounded bird’ villian trope is scriptwriting for dummys (and super annoying).
      Hey- but if you watch an episode of SCORPION first, it’ll seem like THE DARK KNIGHT.(!)

      • Is that really the stuff they are doing? I havent watched it yet and will still give it a chance, but I can say right there that that could be a good reason I wont continue with the show, that is really lame and sloppy writing to try and stupidly flesh out character we already know down the road, the previews make the show look WAY smarter than that and I was hoping for a very serious cop drama happening with the beginnings of those characters. Taking pot shots and using horrible writing for characters that really deserve better is just sad.

      • Enterprise was pure crap!! What proves it more is that is was the ONLY Star Trek “sequel (although it is a prequel to the original series) not get 7 full seasons.

      • EM

        I was already aware of your opinions, which serve to remind me of IDIC.

        If there has to be more Enterprise, I like the idea of its not clogging the airwaves, but I dislike the idea of its clogging the Internet. If Netflix were to put it out on discs, I could support that move (morally, not with my dollars), for I expect the Postal Service could use the boost, however modest.

        It’s been nearly a decade since Enterprise ended. Realistically, a continuation of the same series (regardless of one’s appraisal of that series) seems like a lousy idea at this point. Where would you pick up from? The series finale indirectly depicts a radically different new status quo (set what, roughly six years after the series otherwise leaves off), one in which the titular vessel has been mothballed and one of the principals (arguably the most personable one) has been killed off. (Yes, I realize Trek has weathered other resurrections before…) You could try going back to the era just after the penultimate episode, but—even if the actors are available—would you believe they’ve hardly aged a day? (Remember how unconvincingly, in the Enterprise finale, Jonathan Frakes and Marina Sirtis flashed back to an episode they had shot 11+ years earlier?) I say, start afresh.

        Out of morbid curiosity I did follow the link you provided, then followed a link to a current startrek.com poll which asks, “Which series most deserves another season?” (http://www.startrek.com/polls) I think that’s a loaded question; even if you think, say, the original series or The Next Generation is most deserving, such continuations would be even more hampered by the march of time than Enterprise would. And Great Bird of the Galaxy, I wouldn’t want to see rebooted timelines fouling my TV screen either. Possibly the most viable series for continuation would be the animated series, which is nonetheless taking last place in the poll.

          • EM

            The Phase II argument is weak—think nonexistent evidence! I agree that the prospect of that series is intriguing, but we really don’t know how it would have turned out. Phase II would actually have had the advantage that the original series didn’t have an ending pointing at a radically different status quo—unlike Enterprise, Voyager, Deep Space Nine, or even The Next Generation as continued in Generations through Nemesis—but even so, there would have been significant changes. In particular, Spock—if not the most popular and iconic character of the original series, then an incredibly close second—was no longer to be a regular, and that loss would have been a serious detriment to the revival’s success and sustainability. Other measures, including the addition of the Vulcan character Xon, might have helped overcome that liability, but we really don’t know. Later spinoffs, particularly The Next Generation, faced the same hurdle, but I think the “clean break” approach helped them immensely in gaining acceptance, whereas Phase II could have easily seemed like a pale specter of a beloved and respected original.

            As for the success of the first several Trek films, we’re talking apples and oranges: producing a big-event feature film every few years is a tremendously different undertaking from producing a weekly television series. Also note that the first film, the film which is most similar to what Phase II would likely have been, is actually criticized quite a bit (though highly praised by some, myself included). Much of that criticism boils down to the film’s tone, perceived as failing to recapture the emotion and adventure of the original series; the subsequent films (to varying degrees) distanced themselves tonally from The Motion Picture and more closely aped the original series in that key respect. (On the other hand, I suspect that if The Motion Picture had instead been produced as a somewhat shorter “In Thy Image”, the planned two-hour premiere episode of Phase II, the tonal difference would have been mitigated somewhat, but some aspects of the tonal shift would nonetheless remain; for a superficial but salient example, think of The Motion Picture’s unique look, such as the frequently criticized pastel earth tones of the costuming.)

            Also note that the time gap since the demise of Enterprise will soon surpass the gap between the original series and The Motion Picture; Voyager, Deep Space Nine, and The Next Generation have been defunct even longer. The animated series could be revived with the least amount of disadvantageous obvious change forced by the passage of years; for instance, I bet the roles of Bones and Scotty (originated by actors now deceased)—or indeed all the roles—could be recast with much less controversy than was met by the casting choices of the 2009 Star Trek film.

  5. Gotham is miles better than Arrow, and Arrow is pretty decent.

    Not sure I want to watch Gracepoint. I’ve seen Broadchurch, and this remake really seems pointless. But I guess American audiences can’t understand Scottish accents.

  6. carg0

    i was pleasantly surprised by how much i enjoyed the Flash pilot, so i’m looking forward to it. granted, it’s WB so my expectations aren’t exactly high. *shrug*

    the Gotham premier wasn’t bad by any stretch but, good lord, it sure was a mess, tone-wise. just all over the place. still, i was surprised by and appreciated the level & graphic nature of violence because i was convinced this was going to be more ‘smallville-grade’ clap trap for the tweens. hopefully, the writing catches up.

  7. Chris B

    I think Gotham is completely unnecessary, because Nolan’s trilogy was so popular (and profitable) it seems we are now
    Inundated with Batman related entertainment. From animated series’ and films, to video games and live action movies and now a weekly TV series. They are effectively burning out the character with overexposure, it’s the same thing that happenned with the current popularity of zombie related entertainment. I used to love Batman and the undead….now I’m just sick of them.

  8. I could totally see Manhattan Love Story being one of those shows that I hate-watch every week. I saw the first episode and it was even worse than I had imagined. I’ll be live-tweeting it whenever I tune in.

  9. Wow, can’t believe I have not even heard of any of these (except maybe 3 or 4 of them) and even them, not too enthused about.
    Gotham = Smallville, pretty much.
    NCIS New Orleans = Yawn
    Z Nation = Walking Dead

    When is CBS supposed to come out with CSI: Cyber? (Or am I thinking that was the working title for NCIS?)

  10. This is an establishing time for Gotham. I’m intrigued, but they need to get on with it and maybe hire better writers. Of course purists hate it because they are purists. They will hate Batman v Superman too.

  11. nagara

    I actually liked Gotham more than I expected to. The main problem with it, and SHIELD for that matter is when they try to shoe horn cameos and name drop

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