The Trailer Park: True Stories of Life & Death

Dramas based on real-life events are usually disappointing. True stories often don’t translate very well to the silver screen without seeming hokey and preachy. Here’s hoping that the following films live up to the potential that their previews promise.

‘The Iceman’

Making its rounds through the film-festival circuit right now is the story of contract killer Richard “The Iceman” Kuklinski, infamous for his association with the Gambino crime family. Based on the biography by Anthony Bruno, the movie looks highly promising, especially with Michael Shannon in the lead. Mob stories like these are already fascinating enough in themselves, and seeing them dramatized for the big screen can be pretty entertaining. I doubt that the movie will play anywhere locally, but I’ll definitely watch it when it hits Blu-ray.

‘The Impossible’

Also hitting the autumn festivals is the dramatization of a family that beat the odds during 2004’s devastating Indian Ocean tsunami. Juan Antonio Bayona, director of the creepy Spanish supernatural fable ‘The Orphanage’, is at the helm for what looks to be a powerfully emotional and overwhelming drama of survival. The best part of the preview is the beginning, before you realize what you’re about to see. This makes me wonder if theaters will have to hand out boxes of tissues with the tickets. From the looks of it, this is one to watch on a very large screen.

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