The Trailer Park: Where’s the Funny?

Once again, Judd Apatow’s recent comments about comedy being difficult are put to the test. Making others laugh definitely requires some imagination, a little finesse during delivery, and without doubt excellent timing. Two new movies demonstrate how easy it is to go overboard. One actually looks like it might be fun, while the other makes me throw up a little in mouth. Guess which is which.

‘The Three Stooges’

The trailer for the latest Farrelly brothers turd leaves me emotionally and psychologically conflicted. I can’t decide whether I feel shock, disappointment, frustrated anger or just embarrassment for all those involved in this easy-to-predict financial flop. The ‘Stooges’ comedy shorts played a major role in my childhood (as they probably did for others), and to see such a terrible attempt at reimagining the legendary trio in contemporary society genuinely saddens me. Please watch the superior ABC TV movie, also called ‘The Three Stooges’, which Mel Gibson executive-produced and features Michael Chiklis doing a phenomenal job as Jerome “Curly” Howard.

‘The Dictator’

This one looks slightly funnier, but still doesn’t quite tickle my funny bone in the right way. Sacha Baron Cohen plays a ruthless and self-absorbed but not very bright Middle Eastern dictator. Cohen always manages to get a smile out of me, even when he’s trying a wee bit too hard, like in the Megan Fox scene. The middle section of the preview isn’t very amusing, and I hope those will be the weakest jokes of the entire film because otherwise… The first time I saw this, the beginning totally caught me off guard (I half-expected another Michael Moore documentary) and the last few seconds, I admit, had me laughing. I’m not running to theaters for this, but I’ll watch it eventually.

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  1. August Lehe

    Sorry the ‘New’ Three Stooges bummed you out. I, too, owe some of the best parts of my childhood to those three guys who made me laugh so much. As I grew up, the laughs became fewer and fewer. I began to recognize that later full-length films were talky and tiresome, the 1940’s shorts were funny in places, but the 1930’s shorts were brillant, though rarely a match for early Laurel and Hardy! “Best of” sets of the Three by decade would be a hit with me!

  2. The Stooges look like, well, the Stooges. You got great look alikes, and they recycle the same gags that they used in most of their shorts. However, this trailer did accomplish one thing – before, I was mildly interested in this movie, now I will deffinately NOT see it.

  3. TNAJason

    A big PASS on both. I HATED Borat & Bruno,and have no interest in seeing The Dictator,even tho I must admit the Megan Fox and Marathon Race scenes did make me laugh a bit.

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