‘Terminator’ Franchise Will Be Back

Say what you want about the declining quality of the ‘Terminator’ franchise, but I’m still a fan. The news of ‘True Grit’ producer Megan Ellison winning the bid for rights to the series rests easy on these ears. Attach ‘Fast Five’ director Justin Lin, and ‘Terminator’ may even revert back to its old strong ways.

As far as I’m concerned, the original ‘Terminator‘ is sci-fi classic. ‘T2‘ is simply amazing, and still holds solid ground 20 years after its release. Easily the weakest of the series, ‘Rise of the Machines‘ is nothing more than pointless action. ‘Salvation‘ was too serious for its own good, but created a great look and feel for the dreary post-Judgment Day world.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Ellison was in high demand at Cannes this past weekend. All of the major studios are interested in distributing the newest ‘Terminator’ film. With original star Arnold Schwarzenegger back in the market for movie roles, it is very possible that “he’ll be back.”

No word has been released concerning which storyline ‘Terminator 5’ will follow. The future as explained in ‘Terminator’ and ‘T2’ was altered by the events in ‘Rise of the Machines’. ‘Salvation’ mostly ignored ‘Rise of the Machines’, adding a ‘Mad Max’-ish post-apocalyptic tone to the series. Fox’s television series ‘The Sarah Connor Chronicles‘ followed a story far different from the events of either ‘Rise of the Machines’ OR ‘Salvation’, which was exceptionally odd considering that ‘Salvation’ was released to theaters at the same time ‘Sarah Connor’ ran on TV. Canceled after its cliffhanger season two finale, ‘Sarah Connor’ ended with teenage John sent forward to the future during the war with the machines.

If Justin Lin could make the fifth installment of the ‘Fast and the Furious’ franchise the best of the bunch, it may be possible that he could do the same with the fifth ‘Terminator’ film. Apparently, Ellison and every major studio believe so. If you didn’t want to see another ‘Terminator’ after ‘Salvation’, you might want to reconsider. I personally doubt any ‘Terminator’ sequel will ever come close to out-doing ‘T2’, but Lin’s ‘Terminator’ is sure to be a fun popcorn blockbuster.


  1. I’m all for more Terminator, even at their worst they’ve been entertaining enough. I’d personally love to see a continuation of The Sarah Connor Chronicles as I thought that made a vastly superior follow up to T2. I just really hope they don’t try to reboot the franchise (unless they pulled a Star Trek, which essentially they’ve already done at least twice.) Also, I’m concerned what they’re going to do with Arnold, I’d love to see him back where he belongs, but I’d rather suspend my disbelief of his age then have them muck up the movie trying desperately hard to make him look young again, cause I just don’t see that working.

    • Luke Hickman

      Rumors have it that Bale gunked up Salvation by wanting a bigger part in the screenplay. Knowing that, watch it again and paying attention to that rumor and you’ll see that his role is the weakest part of the film. I believe the rumor to be true.

      • Yeah I Could see that, well its been known throughout the series (and especially the TV show) that Connor doesnt show himself and if he does its only to a very few number of people, of course all this was talked about with the rumored ending of Salvation that we will never know for sure if it was true or not, if it was its a damn shame because it would have made for one hell of a great ending to that movie.

        The more I watch Salvation though, the more I really like it, to me its where the series was heading to begin with and I would have been very happy if McG could have continued with a new Trilogy of the future, but we’ll have to settle for ANOTHER company taking the reigns and going forward, but yes, Lin I’m all behind, the action in Fast Five was phenomenal and he definitely has a great eye that will make a new Terminator movie great

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