I Swear to God, If They’re All Astronauts on a Spaceship to Mars…

ABC’s new series ‘Happy Town’ premiers tonight. I’ve seen some of the commercials, but I know very little about the show. I gather that it’s some sort of small town, ‘Twin Peaks’-wannabe murder mystery. There are a few interesting actors in the cast, including Sam Neill, Frances Conroy, and Amy Acker. I don’t mind Steven Weber in his post-‘Wings’ work. (Liked him a lot in ‘Studio 60’.) Could have potential. I guess I’ll watch.

The thing that scares me about it, though, is that the creators are André Nemec, Josh Appelbaum, and Scott Rosenberg – the same team responsible for the American version of ‘Life on Mars’ last year. What this tells me is that the show will be thoroughly awesome for 99% of its run, but then in the last five minutes of the final episode, will turn into such an absolutely horrible ungodly disaster that it will make me resent ever having watched a single minute of the series in the first place.

Nemec and Appelbaum were also responsible for running ‘Alias’ into the ground in its later seasons.

You know what, maybe I should rethink this and just burn some old shows off the DVR tonight instead.


  1. I’m watching for Sam Neill. I can’t help but love that guy. Hopefully it’s good, but based on the info above I’ll try not to be surprised if it isn’t.

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