Oscar Poll: Best Supporting Actor and Actress 2014

Supporting actors and actresses often don’t get nearly as much respect as lead actors and actresses. To that end, we’re consolidating the polls for both Supporting categories into one blog post.

Best Supporting Actor

Wouldn’t it be hilarious if Jonah Hill actually won an Oscar? Not gonna happen. Jared Leto has this in the bag.

Who WILL Win Best Supporting Actor 2014?

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Josh’s prediction: Jared Leto.

Best Supporting Actress

Jennifer Lawrence has been talked up as a sure bet to take home a second Oscar trophy ever since ‘American Hustle’ premiered. I still think that’s where this will go, but I’m pulling for Lupita Nyong’o. No, I still haven’t seen her movie, but she’s adorable in talk show interviews.

Who WILL Win Best Supporting Actress 2014?

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Josh’s prediction: Jennifer Lawrence.


  1. Deepak

    If J-Law hadn’t won last year, she’d be a lock for this. But since she did, and the Academy is rarely ever willing to award someone in consecutive years, it will go to Nyong’o. I don’t want to disparage her work, however — she is truly deserving. It’s just that it’s a very close race between her and J-Law, and little things like “who won more recently” come into effect during tight races like these.

  2. Chris

    I like Jennifer Lawrence a lot, but I thought her receiving an oscar for SLP was kind of silly, I honestly think the academy is just so in love with her (as is the movie-going public it would seem), they just wanted to give her a prize.

    • Josh Zyber

      I finally caught up with Silver Linings Playbook on cable recently. It struck me as little more than two hours of unpleasant people shouting at one another. The Oscar love is a mystery to me.

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