Oscar Poll: Best Director 2014

In most years, the Academy likes to pair up the Best Picture and Best Director trophies in sync. After all, how can a movie be the best picture of the year if the director didn’t do the best job making it? Will that be the case again this year, or will voters separate the categories?

A lot of our readers think that ‘Gravity’ will win Best Picture. I’m not so confident of that. However, I do believe that Alfonso Cuaron will be rewarded for the technical achievement of making the film. Do you agree, or will ’12 Years a Slave’ sweep both awards?

Who WILL Win Best Director 2014?

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Josh’s prediction: Alfonso Cuaron.


  1. shawn

    I’ll be shocked if Cuaron doesn’t win this, if his direction sucked the movie would have been terrible. It is truly a film that rested entirely on his shoulders.

    • Makes me wonder … these supremely talented top guys are both Mexican. Do they converse in Spanish on set? Or are there strict union rules that state directors/cinematographers have the speak the language of the majority of the crew?

  2. William Henley

    Even though I am not a Gravity fan, I do recognize it as an incredible movie and the amount of work involved, and think that Alfonso deserves the Oscar for this.

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