‘Sunny’ 7.13 Recap: “I Was Manipulating Your Little Brain into Getting What I Want”

Another season of ‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’ has come to an end. Like most ‘Sunny’ finales, ‘The High School Reunion Part 2: The Gang’s Revenge’ brings back a bunch of hilarious recurring characters.

Brief Summary: If you think back to Part 1 of the finale, the Gang was destroyed by a group of cool kids at their high school reunion. While some of the Gang would like to flee the reunion and “hide from the world in the bar,” others want revenge. So, they opt for “Plan B,” a choreographed dance routine. With Dee wearing her “Aluminum Monster” back brace, they take center stage and get the audience pumped up with a ‘So You Think You Can Dance’-esque routine. At least, that’s how they see it through their blurred drunken vision. In reality, they all look horrible, and only further embarrass themselves. The school empties as everyone goes to an after-party that the Gang isn’t invited to.

Episode Thoughts: Personally, I found the first half of the finale far more entertaining than the second half. It was funnier learning sad truths about the Gang than watching them humiliate themselves. But there were definitely some highlights to this episode.

I always love seeing the series tie itself back to earlier episodes, jokes and characters. ‘The Revenge’ gives us Judy Greer’s picked-on Fatty Magoo, Jason Sudekis’s douchebag Schmitty, and of course a wasted and horny version of the Waitress, whose name may or may not be Nikki Potnick. If only the writers would have seized the day and brought back a couple of the McPoyles.

As the Gang gets even more drunk, we see a psychotic version of Dennis that we haven’t seen before. After being mistaken for gay, he goes off chanting “I am a golden god,” (obviously a reference to ‘Almost Famous‘), “The golden god is not taking questions,” and “I am the king of the minions.” Hearing about Charlie and Mac’s lame high school “Freight Train” gang is pretty funny too.

Aside from the gross dance sequence, the best part of the episode is Schmitty’s arrival at the very end. As the gymnasium clears out and the Gang walks out to the parking lot alone, Wasted Waitress shows up complaining about not being invited to the after-party and expressing how horny she is. She even says that she’ll bang the next guy who talks to her. Dumbass Charlie, standing right in front of her, doesn’t react fast enough, so Schmitty jumps out of bushes and walks away with Charlie’s prize. Once again, innocent and naïve Charlie misses out on his chance to get the only girl he really wants.

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  1. What I liked about this episode was the revelation that Dennis was never popular in high school. He just deluded himself into believing that he was a “golden god” who everyone adored and feared. Meanwhile, everyone else saw him as just a freak who hung out with a bunch of other freaks. This finally explains why an alleged BMOC like Dennis would have losers like Charlie and Mac for best friends.

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