Sundance Schedule: Moviegoing Madness

Over the past few days, I’ve been trying to finalize my schedule for Sundance. It’s packed. As of right now, I have 26 movies scheduled, with more to make the final cut later this week. Sundance still hasn’t scheduled out the final 3 days of the festival for press screenings, so it’s possible that when all is said and done I’ll be able to see around 32 – 35 movies over the festival’s 10-day period. Whew!

Going to that many movies is exhausting, I’ll tell you that much. I did around 30 films last year, and found myself dragging by the end of the festival. I fell asleep for a brief time in Gaspar Noe’s ‘Enter the Void’, but to be honest that was probably the best thing that could’ve happened while watching that movie.

Members of the press are allowed to request tickets to public screenings. I love this aspect of covering the festival, because the public screenings are where the directors and cast get up for Q&A sessions. This year I’m planning to do quite a few opening nights for certain films. That’s the best chance I have at catching the whole cast and crew there together. They usually turn up for the premiere. By the middle of the next week, all the celebs vanish.

Here’s a little insight into what my schedule looks like:

Jan 21st

I Saw the Devil‘: 11:00 am
HERE‘: 5:30 pm

Jan 22nd

Win-Win‘: 9:15 am
Corman’s World: Exploits of a Hollywood Rebel‘: 12:00 pm
On the Ice‘: 2:30 pm
Vampire‘: 6:00 pm

Jan 23rd

My Idiot Brother‘: 9:15 am
Terri‘: 11:00 am
Beats, Rhymes & Life‘: 1:30 pm
Red State‘: 6:30 pm

Jan 24th

Cedar Rapids‘: 9:15 am
Salvation Blvd’.: 2:30 pm
I Melt with You‘: 7:00 pm

Jan 25th

The Details‘: 9:15 am
Another Earth‘: 12:00 pm
Life in a Day‘: 2:00 pm
Catechism Cataclysm‘: 4:30 pm
The Oregonian‘: 7:00 pm

Jan 26th

Margin Call‘: 9:15 am
The Guard‘: 12:00 am
The Convincer‘: 5:00 pm

Jan 27th

The Greatest Movie Ever Sold‘: 5:30 pm

Jan 28th

Higher Ground‘: 2:00 pm
Take Shelter‘: 9:00 pm

Jan 29th

Flypaper‘: 3:00 pm
The Troll Hunter‘: 10:00 pm

I’ll be adding more films later as the schedule becomes finalized. As of right now, this should give you some idea of which movies I’ll be covering for The Bonus View.

What movies are you excited about? I know quite a few frequent readers around here who should be more than a little excited about movies like ‘The Troll Hunter’ and ‘I Saw the Devil’. Let me know in the Comments below if there are any other films at the festival you’d like me to cover, and I’ll try to fit them in.

Over the next couple of weeks, I’m going to be writing a few blog posts that describe in detail the movies from each of the main categories. I lightly brushed over the movies I’m excited for in my earlier Sundance entry, but these next few posts will give you a better idea of what films you can expect to be seeing in theaters later this year and early next.

P.S. During the festival, I will be Twittering (yes, I’ve become a Twit) throughout each day. You’ll be able to follow me @highdefdigest or @AaronPeck.


  1. TJ Kats

    Not sure about your musical tastes but as a huge fan of A Tribe Called Quest I would love to hear how Beats, Rhymes & Life turns out.

    • Aaron Peck

      The trailer makes it look very promising, and quite creepy. I’m also hoping for the second, but the more Kevin Smith pisses on the press, the more I’m inclined with a bias to not like it before I even see it.

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