Full Metal Jackets: Fly Me to the Moon!

Here’s something totally unexpected. Flicker Alley has announced that the Georges Méliès 1902 silent classic ‘A Trip to the Moon’ will hit Blu-ray at the end of March in limited-edition SteelBook packaging!

The silent short film (which won the National Society of Film Critics “Best Film Restoration” Award in 2011) will be presented for the first time on Blu-ray in its original hand-painted color version. The release will also include the documentary ‘The Extraordinary Voyage’ directed by Serge Bromberg and Eric Lange. The documentary is centered around the life of Georges Méliès and “the magic of film history and preservation.”

Limited to only 4,000 copies, the Blu-ray/DVD combo pack is currently available for pre-order for $29.96 (includes free shipping within the continental U.S.). According to the web site, the movie will be packaged in a SteelBook, although artwork is currently unavailable. The combo pack will be released on March 27th.



    • EM

      That is a classy way to see it. So is this Flicker Alley set, which I have just pre-ordered as well. I carry a copy of “A Trip to the Moon” around in my pocket, and that’s the way I last saw it…and the way I probably will next see it, maybe even later today.

  1. August Lehe

    Thrilled to place my order…Yeah, I can hear Josh going: “thank heavens that idiot jumped on the offer and didn’t wait three weeks and then gripe cause they were sold out!” I couldn’t pass it up at a decent price!

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