Full Metal Jackets: Come With Me If You Want a SteelBook

The UK is not only getting a Blu-ray SteelBook release of the original ‘The Terminator’, but the disc is apparently also coming with a new transfer!

This particular SteelBook will be exclusively available at Play in Europe on September 3rd. The front cover comes sporting an image of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s iconic character on the hunt for Sarah Connor. To tell you the truth, I’m a little disappointed with this one. The design for this SteelBook could have been so much better. It doesn’t have the “Wow!” factor that most other SteelBooks have.

Here’s a peek at the front. (Click the images below to enlarge.)

The back isn’t all that impressive either, but maybe that’s just me.

When you look at both, you’ll notice that the Terminator’s wrong eye is glowing red in the front artwork, yet it’s correct on the back.

On the inside, we have more Arnie (on the left) and I believe that’s Dick Miller (on the right):

According to this site, the Blu-ray is also confirmed to have a brand new transfer. [Ed.: Presumably, this must be the Lowry Digital remaster that MGM commissioned a few years ago, but had to shelve due to the studio’s financial problems. –JZ]

The SteelBook for ‘The Terminator’ will cost £13.99 and can be pre-ordered from Play. Note that Play does not currently ship to the U.S. or Canada.

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  1. This one’s really disappointing for me. I have the T2 HD DVD SteelBook from Germany, the T3 Blu-ray SteelBook (also from Germany) and the Salvation Blu-ray SteelBook from Canada. This is a franchise well suited to the SteelBook treatment, and I’d love to complete the series in Steel, but the front cover artwork doesn’t do much for me, and the mix-up with the wrong eye is just embarrassing (especially since it’s correct on the other side).

    I like the choice of interior image, though. As I understand it, members of the highdefninja site got to vote to pick that one. I wish someone had offered a vote on the front cover as well.

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