SteelBook Alert: Hooked on a Feeling

By this point, fans and collectors probably take it for granted that movies from the Marvel Cinematic Universe will get SteelBook editions on Blu-ray. Few of them are as truly inspired as this artwork for the franchise’s latest blockbuster, however.

‘Guardians of the Galaxy’

Available at: Zavvi
Release date: November 24, 2014
Price: £24.99
Region code: Unconfirmed

If you’ve seen the movie, you should understand why this retro design that transforms the entire case into an old cassette tape deck is wonderfully fitting. This may be my favorite disc case art since the Criterion Collection edition of David Cronenberg’s ‘Videodrome‘, which looks like a Beta videotape. I like it so much that I’ll even forgive it for not having the movie’s title written anywhere, which is usually a pet peeve of mine.

Unlike many SteelBooks, this Zavvi exclusive will contain both 3D and 2D versions of the movie. The Blu-ray is currently listed as “Sold Out,” but Zavvi often flags new items that way before they officially open for sale.

Some UK SteelBooks also make their way to the United States as retailer exclusives with Best Buy, Target or Walmart. Hopefully, that will also happen with this one.


  1. Drew

    Best Buy is offering a ‘GotG’ steelbook, as well. They haven’t disclosed of the artwork, yet. I’m betting that it will be the same.

  2. Steven

    I’m thinking Best Buy’s steelbook will be different. The consumer is not going to be able to tell what movie this is easily.

  3. Chris B

    Holy shit that is awesome artwork, whoever designed that case should get a raise. Fingers crossed the North American Steelbook has the same design since I’m not a region free importer guy.

  4. Timcharger

    WHAT! HOLY F*CK! I would go back into the belly of beast (wink, wink)
    to grab that Steelbook.

    Dude, that’s a great looking Steelbook! I am giddy with excitement.

    I’ll preorder it, AND also be first in line when the store opens. Fellow
    HDD fans, watch out for my sharp elbows!

    Josh, it’s even better that the movie title ISN’T on it!

  5. C.C. 95

    The cover is actually a WALKMAN.(A tape deck is a piece of console rack gear like your receiver). : )
    I pre Ordered the steel a while ago, and I like the cover(seems Zavvi & BB will have this cover). But WHO is going to release the version with just the poster art?!!

  6. William Henley

    I canceled my Amazon preorder and got the Best Buy one – that is awesome! I rarely get steelbooks of new releases as they normally do not have the 3D version, so thank you Disney for that!

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