Full Metal Jackets: Remember, There Is No “I” in “Team America”

It’s about damn time. Promised ever since the format debuted, Matt Stone and Trey Parker’s hilarious marionette satire ‘Team America: World Police’ will finally come to Blu-ray later this year – and it’s even getting a nice SteelBook collectible package. F- yeah!!!

If you’ll recall back to the heady days of the high-def format war in 2006, all of Paramount’s early Blu-ray (and HD DVD, for that matter) releases opened with a forced trailer that showcased the many exciting titles that the studio planned to unleash in high definition glory. Prominently featured was a clip from ‘Team America’. Sadly, no official release announcement ever followed. Eventually, as Paramount’s interest in releasing catalog titles dwindled, fans just gave up on it.

Well, here we are seven years later. While there’s still no sign of the movie on Blu-ray in North America, UK retailer Zavvi has posted a listing for a very nice SteelBook edition, scheduled for release on October 28th:

Yes, it seems kind of ironic that the first Blu-ray release of a movie called ‘Team America’ would come from overseas. I’m sure that an American release for the movie will probably be announced shortly, though without the SteelBook.

Zavvi will ship to the United States, and Paramount’s Blu-ray releases are generally region-free.

If you’re interested, you should probably preorder soon. Zavvi’s SteelBook exclusives often sell out quickly.


  1. William Henley

    Was right about to order, had actually clicked the Preorder button, and as it was pulling up the link, I saw:


    Region B

    Sound Information:

    Dolby Digital

    DANG IT!!! I should just order anyways and let this be my excuse to finally get a region free player. In fact, I think I will. Ordering now!

    • Josh Zyber

      I seriously doubt that the disc is Dolby Digital only. Those are likely temp specs.

      As far as region coding, I can’t say for certain until the disc is released, but Paramount’s discs are usually region free.

      • William Henley

        My issue with both Zavvi and Amazon.co.uk is that their disc specs in their product listings are usually very inaccurate. This makes shopping internationally a hassel – especially with preordering – I generally will wait for the disc to actually come out and then check on a review site. Like I said, this would be much easier if I would pick up a region free player. I was going to do that last weekend, but car repairs got in the way.

        Anyways, just love the fact that I am importing something with American branding from overseas – its the American Way! 🙂

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