Full Metal Jackets: Night of the Living Steel

I make no excuses for my fondness for the ‘Resident Evil’ franchise. Intellectual masterpieces, these movies are not, but Milla Jovovich in a tight leather outfit killing zombies is a recipe for success in my book, no matter how many times she does it. If you’re a fan who, like me, has been collecting the SteelBook Blu-ray editions from Canada, you’ll be glad to know that Future Shop will continue the series with a Steelie for the latest entry, ‘Resident Evil: Retribution‘. We can’t have a mis-matched collection on our shelves, now can we?

I didn’t even see ‘Retribution’ in the theater, so this will have to be a blind-buy for me. I know what I’m getting into with these things, my expectations are low enough, and my completist collector urge is strong enough that I have no choice but to own it anyway.

From what we can see in the partially-obscured promotional image, the SteelBook artwork is OK but uninspired.

I suppose that it will go well enough with the others. In case you haven’t seen those before, here’s a quick montage:

The pre-order listing at Future Shop makes no mention of 3D. I have to assume that, much like happened with the fourth movie, ‘Resident Evil: Afterlife’, the SteelBook will only contain the standard 2D Blu-ray edition. That kind of sucks. I’ll have to order the 3D edition separately and put the disc into the SteelBook… again.

As always, Future Shop will not ship outside of Canada. I have a friend up north who is nice enough to buy these exclusive SteelBooks for me and mail them himself. That’s an inconvenience for both him and me, but a collector’s gotta get his fix somehow.


  1. I’m the same over the Resident Evil movies. I really enjoy them, despite knowing they’re just daft fun. What makes them work is that they KNOW that’s all they are. They’re not pretentiously trying to be much more and failing (*cough* Dark Knight Rises *cough*).

    I missed the recent one at the cinema, but I’ve already got the next on pre-order for when it’s released here in the UK (mid-january, I think). I’ve only got the UK steelbook for Afterlife, though and like yours it was 2D. I didn’t have a 3D tv at that point, but have since got one and now keep the 3D version of the movie in the steelbook case with the 2D version. 😉

    I like Steelbook cases if I can get them, but I’m not so fussed that I’ll go out of my way for them. (I’ve only 3, I think lol!)

  2. I really don’t know if you Actually realize what you’re getting into with this Particular one. I’ve read your opinions on these movies before. I 100% agree with them, and possibly like the movies a little more than you considering I’m young enough to have been raised on them lol. I know the movies are cheesy, but love them anyways and was actually slightly surprised by how great Afterlife was. I went in expecting slow motion, Milla, and awesome 3D. I got that yeah, but this was Absolutely the worst in the series. Almost to the point that I wanted to cry. Opeing scene is beautiful, and ending is okay enough, but something went wrong here. I didn’t have problems with zombies using cell phones in Extinction. I’m still buying this one, and am genuinely excited for the next one. There was just too much wrong with this one. Hope you feel differently… :'(

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