Full Metal Jackets: Cobraaaaaa!!!

Listen up, grunts. New orders have just come down from the PITT. Our mission is to obtain a SteelBook collectible Blu-ray edition of our new movie, ‘G.I. Joe: Retaliation’, before Cobra forces scoop them all up and sell them on eBay for three times the price to fund their latest diabolical world domination scheme. There’s only one place to get it, so let’s gear up and move out on the double. Yo, Joe!!

As a movie, this year’s ‘G.I. Joe: Retaliation‘ benefited greatly from reduced expectations. Its predecessor, the execrable ‘The Rise of Cobra’, was an unwatchable disaster on every level. While it doesn’t officially reboot the franchise, the sequel wisely dumps almost the entirety of the original cast and crew to start over with a new batch of characters. Its director is also much less of a bumbling idiot, who had actually heard of G.I. Joe before being hired for the job and at least attempted to respect the material. All in all, ‘Retaliation’ is vastly better than the prior movie. Even so, unfortunately, it merely rises to the level of “Just OK.” Admittedly, that’s a big improvement from “Major Shitstorm of Incompetence.”

After a decently successful theatrical run, the film will come to Blu-ray on July 30th in both 2D and 3D editions. (The 3D is a post-conversion. I felt the results were mixed in the theater, but it might look better on disc.)

In addition to those, Walmart will offer an exclusive SteelBook version that contains 2D, 3D, DVD and Digital Copy all in one package.

I kind of like the comic book style artwork, which is fitting for the content, though I don’t know why it’s in black & white. It would look better in color.

The SteelBook is priced at $29.96 and can be preordered from Walmart.

Now you know, and that’s totally half the battle right there.


  1. Ted S.

    I thought this one was as bad as the first film. So I won’t be spending any money on this pile of poo. I saw the film for free at a press screening and I still want 2 hours of my life back.

  2. William Henley

    I found the first one…. enjoyable. That is far from saying the movie was good. I missed this one when it was at theaters because of my hectic schedule at the time (I have burts where I am slammed followed by several weeks of nothing). However, I may blind buy this, solely for the purpose of showing studios and stores that I support steelbooks.

    • William Henley

      The fact that the steelbook also includes the 3D version is a nice addition. Many (not all, maybe not even most, but a good number) of steelbook and collector sets seem to be 2D sets only, which leads you to dropping another $35 for the 3D disc.

      Clicking through to the Walmart site reveals steelbooks for Braveheart,The Departed and Cast Away, among others, and they are REALLY WELL priced – Braveheart and The Departed for $13. May have to pick up a few steelbooks.

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