Full Metal Jackets: Enter the Talented Lt. Ripley

“Lullaby, and good night… you’re your mother’s delight. Shining angels beside… my darling abide. Soft and warm is your bed… close your eyes and rest your head. Save some face… if you can – ’cause that’s no Sandman.” Just a few days before Ridley Scott’s sci-fi epic ‘Prometheus’ hits theaters on June 8th, British retailer Play.com is set to release a new Blu-ray edition of the ‘Alien Anthology‘ in SteelBook packaging.

This particular set will include the previously-released ‘Alien’, ‘Aliens’, ‘Alien 3’ and ‘Alien Resurrection’ discs (though don’t get your hopes up for the “Making the Anthology” and “The Anthology Archives” bonus discs) all housed inside a sleek, jet-black metal case with the iconic face-hugger predominantly featured in the design. Check out the front below:

As you can see, the design is simply gorgeous and certainly one of the best we’ve seen to date. The artwork also continues around the rear, making it seem like the alien has latched itself onto the case with its tail dangling up the middle:

There’s even some fantastic art on the inside to complete the package:

The SteelBook for the ‘Alien Anthology’ will be available on June 4th and can be pre-ordered exclusively at Play.com for £19.99. The Blu-rays should be region-free, but unfortunately Play will not ship to North America.


  1. I’m a (very content) play.com customer. If some High Def Digest readers want this steelbook, I can order a copy and send it to a USA-address.

  2. cardpetree

    Don’t care for the 3rd or 4th movies in the series. I just bought Alien and Aliens separately on Blu.

    • Won’t ship to america, what’s this crap????

      Why do companies limit themselves like this. Don’t they realize they woud sell like a zillion more copies if they allowed this to be shipped overseas?

      Ugh, Think Global people!!!

      • JPV

        I guess you have no idea whatsoever about how movie licensing works in different countries, do you?

    • You should really take a look at the director’s cut version of Alien 3 that’s available on the new discs. Not sure if the version is available outside of the full blu-ray set, but the very subtle changes made really help to take the “nonsense” factor out of it.

      That and the making of special are really kind of cool. Did you know that the designer of the effects (original, not final) wanted to make an entire moon out of wood and make it like an old Gothic Church setting?

      That’s something that could actually be done these days with CGI, but back then I have to say the guy must have been nuts.

  3. It’s a nice box, but since I already have the set, with the bonus disc, I’ll have to give it a pass. I’ve bought so many of these sets over the years… I think I can happily wait till some cool new set that includes Prometheus gets released. 😉