‘Star Trek Beyond’ Contest Results

This may be a difficult day for a lot of people. Facebook now makes your posts show up in a huge, ugly font. That’s a lot to deal with on with on a Wednesday morning. Let’s try to start today off with a little bit of good news, if we can. Three of our readers are taking home free copies of ‘Star Trek Beyond’ on Blu-ray.

As explained in the original post, we challenged you to provide funny or clever captions for the following image:

And the winner is…

Honorable Mentions

  1. Bill M: All right… 200 quatloos!
  2. Nick: Be honest with me, how bad is my breath right now?
  3. Jason: Did you just say that the Cubs are in the World Series???
  4. Jeremy R: “Do I have something in my teeth? Check all the mandibles. Please.”
  5. Rob B: Oooooh that Taco Bell ain’t sittin’ right. Next time I get to choose!!
  6. Warner: “What do you mean you don’t recognize me?” It was at that moment that Idris realized that he needed a new manager and that this role was not going to increase his name recognition in the States!
  7. Chapz K: Where is the headphone jack on this iPhone? I need my headphone jack!
  8. Ronald O: Now I truly know what you women go through each day putting on your makeup!
  9. Csm101: “It’s me, Idris!”
    “Oh my God, you look so weird without your mustache!”
  10. Byron H: You should really try flossing.
  11. Ken K: Sleestak? Sleestak, my ass!
  12. Aaron: “Don’t worry, Star Trek – Discovery is in the Kelvin timeline, since it’s set 10 years prior to the adventures of Kirk/Spock . The events of Nero’s incursion to the timeline have already occurred which ended the Prime timeline.”
  13. Pedram: Maybe they’ll want me for James Bond now. They can’t tell I’m black under all this make-up.
  14. Nate C: The Singh’s send their regards…
  15. EM: Krall chases some Star Trek Behind
  16. Carl C: If some guy dressed in black wearing cool shades asks you to choose between the red and blue pill, whatever you do, don’t choose the blue pill.
  17. Darrel J: Wanna know what Bill Murray says to Scarlett Johansson at the end of ‘Lost in Translation’? He says [Unintelligible]
  18. Zuria: For the last time, I have no relation to Nick KROLL!
  19. kw: “You used a Rihanna song in the trailer? ARE YOU INSANE!”
  20. Miguel: Well, as you can see, this new fad of bathing in acorn squash juice can have some severe side effects

The Winners!

This was a tough contest to judge. We had a lot of great entries. Ultimately, these three were my favorites:

Russ wrote:

At least we’re not remaking “The Wrath of Khan” again!

David S. wrote:

*leans forward* “Wrong.”

Lance wrote:

I’m ribbed for your pleasure…

Special Runner-Up Bonus Prize

I also have a spare UltraViolet Digital Copy code for the movie that I can part with. If he wants it, Chris M. can have it for this entry:

C,mon baby. I know you’re into aliens. Once you go Krall you’ll have a ball.

Congratulations to Russ, David and Lance for winning ‘Star Trek Beyond‘ on Blu-ray, and to Chris for getting the UV code. Thanks to everyone else for participating in our contest.


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