Repair Box – A New Brand Selling Old Console Parts

You wouldn’t believe how many press releases I get on a daily basis. My inbox is flooded with news that’s relevant to what I write about, and plenty that isn’t. I skim through, and certain words grab my attention. The email I received from Hyperkin this week had the word “SNES” in it. Attention grabbed.

Whether you’re an old console collector or you just have a few classic systems that you like to bust out now and then, you can probably identify with the frustration of broken parts. My NES finally gave way after 20 or so years (never did figure out what was wrong with it), and my poor Genesis bit the dust a few years before.

Hyperkin has announced a new brand of products aimed specifically at folks who own older consoles. It’s called Repair Box, and the goal is to get replacement parts into the hands of people who need them.

The first product on the market is the SNES PowerJack, which replaces the plastic housing where the AC adapter plugs in. “Gamers have been plagued by this issue for years when it breaks and can’t be replaced or repaired,” says sales director Leo Saleh. “We developed the SNES PowerJack specifically to give SNES owners a way to replace the broken part without having to send their entire system to a repair shop or a fix the problem with inadequate replacement parts.”

The PowerJack will run you $12.99. That’s less than a new console typically goes for. It’s available now directly from Hyperkin.

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  1. Lord Bowler

    This is awesome!

    I have a GEN 1 PS3 that ceased playing all discs.

    I was hesitant with sending my machine away for repair and it is 4 years old. I researched self-repair and it took me 10 days and $60 for a replacement PS3 Laser from what seemed to be an “official” source.

    Following a set of instructions online, after checking 4 different sets, I replaced it myself. Now, I can still play old PS2 games on my PS3 console.

    It would be great to find replacement parts easier rather than salvaged parts from old consoles.

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